The top House Democrat, Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, and her Democratic colleagues, want young immigrants to be protected again, as they negotiate a budget deal with US President Donald Trump’s Republican Party.

Immigration is one of the biggest sticking points, including so-called “chain migration,” or family-based immigration. It refers to a person bringing members of their family to the US after being granted residency.

Trump wants to put an end to it, but the president’s own ancestors came to America that way.

Al Jazeera’s Shihab Rattansi reports from Washington, DC.

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🇺🇸 US: Debunking the myth of ‘chain migration’ #buy #homes in the #USA #realestate

But this I say: He who sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and he who sows bountifully will also reap bountifully. – 2 Corinthians 9:6

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  • As Population increases, so does the crime coming from the impoverished and lazy illegals that continually rape our welfare system with their scams and tax evasion. Chain migration has had a snowball effect on America- how it was set up a century ago doesn’t work with the overpopulation of today, and our wonderful President Trump is finally MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! Obama should be shot for what he did to this country.

  • Ok, I must be honest. I know about the atrocities of the colonists but never heard about the drugs they planted. That’s not a sarcasm. Just never heard. I always thought that it was about the land only. But also doesn’t mean I believe your words completely. I guess even you yourself can’t be so sure of those things, can you? I mean, you don’t need to agree with my comments, just don’t be so aggressive. Think diversity. There’s always people with bad intentions among us. Those who did bad things in colonial times, should have been deported and those who are doing bad things now, should be deported too.

  • I love how they try to use "Without chain migration we wouldn't have Trump, Pence and Stephen Millar" as an argument FOR chain migration. I think you're swaying me towards ending it hahaha.

  • Hopefully it stops so Social security lasts a bit longer. Imagine making millions of low income immigrants US citizens who don't put enough into taxes or get tax returns and on top of that they will get SSI when they get old!

  • so immigration is supposed to be some perpetual thing. We can cut immigration if we want

  • AJ just proved the concept and they call it "debunking"… lmao

  • The trump government only wants chain migration from white countries only (ie. germany, uk, etc). Duh!

  • Yet another anti-family policy from this administration

  • Tramp is a second generation immigrant. Tired of all these hypocrite’s families who benefited from a system and then complain about it when it helps others.

  • North America needs to stop all immigration until our own countries balances themselves.
    Do we want to end up like the middle East begging for peace decade after decade

  • Does Al Jazeera not understand that historical economic conditions are different ? This isn't the start of the industrial revolution, where there was need for mass labour and no welfare system so tax payers weren't burdened with paying for other peoples dependants. This disingenuous and lazy Analysis on the prior conditions and current effects of 'illegal' immigration, only serves to obfuscate the serious consequences of the issue. I expected better from this news organisation. Lazy propaganda

  • The USA is in danger of civil war if they keep Accepting millions of none whites Immigrants every year.

  • Myth or truth, it doesn't matter. What matters is the fact that there's not enough stuff on this planet for all of us to live like an average American. All resources are limited, the infrastructure of any country can sustain only a limited number of people.

    If they cared about the welfare of people they would promote birth control and advocate the concept of "a right of an unborn child to have parents who can provide for that child and a right for a child to be born in a safe environment"
    instead what they want is just flush the western civilization down the toilet.

  • Americans must realize that the chain migration is totally unheard of in most parts of the World. It is only allowed in North America and a few countries in Western Europe.

  • Aint no myth about anything..get Migration fixed..

  • Yeah, white immigration is good. that's what america the nation it was. now we have enclave's of hispanics in the west, blacks in the south, arabs and caribbean in the north east etc.

  • every country have this kind of immigrant policy, why highlighting USA? i can confirm almost every country want rich and skill people move to their country and not poor unskill people.

  • Arabs countries doesn't accept Arab refugees.. wait… what??

  • So… what myth were you debunking? The video just explains that chain migration is indeed a real thing – and that the vast majority of migrants will vote left.

  • Maybe chain immigration wasn’t a problem back then because they didn’t bring drugs or violence or keep reentering the country after being deported many times.

  • Trump went on to be the president of the USA. People from 3rd world could countries who are unskilled and illiterate become a burden on the state. When European landed in the USA they were self sufficient and didn't rely on state hand outs, free housing and food stamps. There wasn't any. They only reason these immigrants flock to western countries is because they want free hand outs. So stop twisting the facts yet again.

  • We need a real immigration policy.. We could have an immigration policy like the country’s in the Middle East.. Why should we open doors to people that hate America..? Mexico has a strict immigration policy Saudi Arabia has a strict immigration policy why can’t we Have a similar policy..?

  • Today is what’s important. Digging up long dead relatives of current politicians isn’t going to help you any. Today there are millions and millions of illegal immigrants and millions and millions of extended family of legal immigrants. Immigrants get old too. In 30yrs are you going to import more immigrants to pay for the immigrants the USA has today? Where does it end?

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