2017 was our best year yet! Thank you to all of you who have joined in our journey here on YouTube.

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The year began for Eamon and I with the launch of our new caffeine free chai. The tea used in the blend is rooibos which can only be grown in South Arica… So, off we went! It is important for us to meet the farmers and deal directly with them to ensure fair compensation, fresh tea and a traceable supply chain.

Along the way to South Africa, we stopped in Tanzania for a safari. Much to my surprise, Eamon had a little surprise up his sleeve! I guess he figured it was time to put a ring on it 😉

We continued on to explore a bit more of Africa and then it was time to head home to “business as usual.” Or, so we thought.

While searching for an affordable apartment in Toronto, Canada (our home town) we got a notification about an available, used Mercedes Sprinter Van. With the crazy housing prices and the lack of leases, we decided to take the risk and buy a van to convert into a tiny home on wheels.

We basically just went for it!

It took us 30 days to complete our DIY project and we worked day/night to insulate, panel, electrify, sand, drill, paint, you name it to customize our van build to meet our specific needs.
We could not be happier! This is how we live #VanLife in simplified style!

Once complete, we hit the road in our self converted sprinter van to travel across Canada… selling our tea along the way! We ate a lot, enjoyed our daily smoothies, and met a few van life friends.

2017 came to a close with a large Christmas trade show, a lot of family gathering and a beautiful wedding for a long life friend.

Some of our most popular videos:

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2017 THE YEAR OF VAN LIFE | Eamon + Bec #buy #homes in the #USA #realestate

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