Considering your property investment exit strategy is essential BEFORE you buy.

In today’s property market, your buy to let property business might have multiple exit strategies. You may be investing in different property strategies, but you must ALWAYS consider your exit strategy right at the very start… and ideally have two separate exit strategies, in case your primary exit strategy isn’t viable for some reason.


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And so today I’d like to share 7 completely different exit strategies, but if you can think of any I’ve missed – I would LOVE IT if you could take a moment to comment below, so that all of my subscribers can benefit.

I hope you find this landlord property / real estate tip helpful 🙂

All the very best… Tony Law | Your First Four Houses


7 Property Investment Exit Strategy ‘s For Today’s Property Market / Real Estate Investing Business #buy #RealEstate in #Canada

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  • Thanks for the video Tony. You could hold (control) the property through a lease option, where you rent to the new occupiers (tenant buyers), who would pay an inflated price, in a few years time, whereby you would receive a lump sum on the completion of purchase (by the tenant buyers). A lease option would allow you to be paid 3 times (at the start though a deposit, during the term in the form of a portion of the rent, and at the end when the house is bought by the tenants). Tenant buyers, who previously wouldn't have been able to buy a property (through not being to save a deposit for example) would now be happy to own their new house.

  • I’ve just turned 20 and have always been interested in property investment, I’ve been watching a dozen videos now from yourself and it’s really helped me understand the areas in which I were unsure about.

    Looking to buy my first property to rent out shortly but being only 20 I’m currently looking at cheap 2/3 bedroom houses local to the town centre, I’m wanting to put a deposit down of around £10000 for a property worth £70000-90000 and give it a modernised look and after 6 months have it revalued to see where it stands, thank you for making these videos as it really has been helping me!

    Gained a subscriber 🙂

  • Hey Tony I have a question, can I sign a new lease with a tenant over lapping the one currently in place?

  • Hey another great video Tony. Do you think too young (at 17) to start my education into property investment and possible getting your online masters course ?

  • I think Robert Kyosaki doesn't recommend flipping your own home due to American tax laws which charge CGT on your own home! Their laws give much more generous allowances on rental property, so that may well be the reason.

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