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The number of 95% mortgage deals on offer has risen sharply in the past couple of years.

According to the financial information service Moneyfacts, there are 58 deals around at the moment, from 22 lenders.

That compares with 29 deals a year ago and just 19 at the start of 2010.

But the reality is that very few people are being granted a home loan with just a 5% deposit.

And experts suggest that not only is it still hard to obtain one, it is possibly not very sensible either.

“If you can put down a 10% or 15% deposit, at least, it makes a substantial difference – your choice is so much better and you will get a much better mortgage,” says Andrew Montlake of Coreco mortgage brokers.

More expensive
Ninety-five per cent mortgages are available, in principle, from a variety of small building societies, and also from some of the UK’s biggest lenders, such as the Halifax and the Nationwide.

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