'95 Percent' AR15 Lower, Buy them Now just in case


’95 Percent’ AR15 Lower, Buy them Now just in case
The SOUTHERN NATIONAL CONGRESS Best Explains the right to SELF-DEFENSE It is the inalienable right and responsibility of the People to provide for their self-defense and the protection of their families and property. The Holy Scriptures as well as ancient common law attest readily to this, and our forefathers further recognized and protected in the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution and in various State constitutions. The Federal Government—through openly anti-Constitutional measures, semantic trickery, and numerous bureaucratic regulations and entrapments—has sought to limit the People’s right to defend themselves. It has placed arbitrary and frivolous limitations on when, where, how and even if one may defend his life and property. Further, it has sought to vacate the People’s ability to substantively and effectively confront, combat, and defeat the tyrannical and despotic forces presently arrayed against them.


’95 Percent’ AR15 Lower, Buy them Now just in case #buy #homes in the #USA #realestate



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