ALERT: Media Hiding 2018 Food Shortages -- Rising Prices to cause Unrest in GSM


Tipped off by a subscriber, Christian locates an industry magazine in UK that confirms fruit & vegetable shortages across Europe due to cold & drought, and resulting price increases. Media coverage of last year’s shortages was legion–why is there ABSOLUTE SILENCE this year? Perhaps because food is the perfect weapon, as history shows, causing social and political unrest when prices rise too quickly. PLEASE share the word about the Grand Solar Minimum with other people, so that they too can prepare.

“Who controls the food supply controls the people.”
-Henry Kissinger

The changes brought on by the Grand Solar Minimum continue to accelerate, destroying agriculture and human health. Are you prepared for the new reality ahead? How are you taking responsibility for your family’s nutritional sovereignty and healthcare? Let me know —

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Food is Perfect Weapon — Price Increases lead to Instability & Unrest

Soviet Safeway — Whole Foods acclimating people to sight of empty shelves?


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(the image is from last year’s coverage because THERE IS NO COVERAGE THIS YEAR)


ALERT: Media Hiding 2018 Food Shortages — Rising Prices to cause Unrest in GSM #buy #homes in the #USA #realestate



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