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Ghost Cities in China. Real estate bubbles. We’ve toured Chinese ghost towns in the past, but this time we visit a high end neighborhood of villas that were only built 3 years ago, and were shocked to see the state that they were in. We were surrounded by new buildings, that were completely empty. This is the state of real estate in China.

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Living in China for so long, we would like to share some of the comparisons that we have found between China and the west, and shed some light on the situation.

Every week, we take you to a new place in China on our bikes, cover a topic, and reply to your questions.

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Are NEW Chinese buildings really FALLING DOWN? #buy #homes in the #USA #realestate

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  • Instead of showing your Jealousy and envy of Chinese real estate boom and development in every video your make, it would have been useful to find the developer that developed the gated community. Don't make it look like every building is of low quality in Chinese cities. I m not even sure every house in this video are of bad quality.. But for making such bad quality finishes, the concerned developer should be punished..

  • Hello..they are made in China… cant afford glasses….

  • I visited my in laws in Shenyang last month. They own new condos in buildings built about 5 years ago. Nice area. Middle class. Great neighborhood vibe.

    Falling to pieces and rotting. No lights in the elevator. Mold. Cracked plaster.

    Now imagine their brand new Navy. 😆😂

  • Give me a hearth and i will stop spreding rumours about Cmilk and Prozzie being gay.

  • Shocking to see those villas built only 3 years are falling apart…what a waste….I live in India my father built my house in 1982 and it is still strong can lost another 30 years with bear minimum maintenance… What a difference between china and india…

  • I thought the houses in outer suburban Australia were bad. It looks like nature will take over again here in a few years.

  • If you sell in China before you’ve owned it for 5 years, you have to pay a 20% tax on the full sale price. Another point, Chinese won’t rent out an investment property because the typical buyer of a second hand property doesn’t want bad ghosts/spirits in the walls. Yup, serious. Ha ha. And the worst renters for bad juju are foreigners. That’s me. LMFAO

  • I'd like to buy it all tear it down and build quality homes with acreage

  • a cheap and fake nation / china should go back cycling

  • Curious about the state of Sth Africa right now, how about a Soweto housing status video to balance it all out ? We all know the standard of construction is abysmal in the Xi Kingdom ( like 90% of products being spewed out of there), but to listen to two novices fumble through explaining construction issues is a bit rich. The old glass houses/stones thingy.. just saying. Learn to handle that camera too, brutal shaking and movement. hard to watch. EDIT: the real cause of this is corruption all the way down the line until it hits the unskilled laborer being fleeced for a piece of flesh by his employer. its an old topic well known.

  • Three years!!! Oh man! It's frightening to see this. My husband builds log homes and I helped him. This is sickening. All for the worship of money and what you said about cheating people. That's it's a given that they think it's OK to cheat anyone. No morals or ethics because they have a President who encourages the people of his country to smoke and to steal other countries inventions. And he refuses to let any company sue any Chinese company or the government for stealing. And he's in for the rest of his life as President!! This is going to back fire on him because people are basically good and they WILL get tired of being cheated. The kids that are being raised to today there aren't going to take care of their elders who have spoiled them rotten. They have become a, "me," generation. China has done this to itself and companies are pulling out because of the terrible laws and the dishonesty. One billionaire was asked in Forbes magazine what was the most important part of his company. He said, "integrity and honesty when dealing with the public." That's concept is foreign to the Chinese business men. It sickens me to see those bikes rusting away in the fields. Why can't they give them to poor students who would be grateful to have them? I just watched a video about the trash in China by Journeyman Pictures. And in it there is a boy who is probably 10 or 12. His Father got sick and was going to SELL HIM! Can that even be done in China? Anyway his brother took the boy and is trying to give him the best education he can. But because his Uncle collects bottles and plastic bottles the kids look down on him in the school! Can you believe that. The man works SO hard every day. They have house with no running water or electricity in Beijing and the government just walled it up!! They want him to move to the country the rats! And his bike he uses to take the stuff he collects to the collection place is inside the wall. So he can't get it out. That boy could sure use one of that very nice bikes. It's like the government hates it's own people. I bet the President and his family has wonderful food to eat every day and their house isn't falling down like these. Corrupt President and country. This is happening in North Korea too guys. The buildings falling down. Kim order 15 high rises to be build in a year. They work around the clock. But the families of the workers are starving because they don't get paid hardly anything. So they steal the metal and concrete and sell it to China. So then the government wanted that steel so they made the workers give up their cooking pans!! I kid you not. And one of those apartment building fell down. Even before they were finished people were forced to move in. Even the government people wouldn't live there. And hundreds died. There are videos of it. One guy was forced to give all the realitives a talk. "We're sorry," isn't in there. Kim did this to his own people. He murdered an American name of Oscar who had gone there to ski. Every where there weren't people. The guys were told not to go on this one floor. Idiots went. They were leaving and some officials took Oscar. Then they tortured him. A, "bastard American," like they'd been taught. They forced him to say all kinds of stuff but he wound up dead. You know what our President did? NOTHING. Not one thing. Anyone who travels to countries like these are idiots. 🙁 Songs

  • Historically, the only time Chinese build anything of lasting quality is when the workers are threatened with death, or its foreign contractors, China build shit because they're paid by other corporations to build shit or counterfeit knockoffs, not a world leader in quality, their own citizens buy foreign cars and merchandise, what does that fucking tell you???

  • Well everything that's made in China sent over to the USA is garbage cheaply made and horrible shit made out of shit. What do you expect from China? Awesome video's gentlemen keep up the good work!!

  • Great place to film post apocalyptic themed movies or tv shows.

  • It is a bit truth your story ! We bought at the sea in Qingdao from a Singapore company, I must say good quality, no falling walls at all and the constructor takes his responsabilities. And, in 2 years our property doubled ! In China, buy only the best, you get just the western standards.This means for all ! I did decoration myself and still doing, not for the money, just to be sure it is not fast cheap done. We have a modern western interior and like to live confortable in, most Chinese do decoration to look expensive (for some months) to make others jealous. Showing face ! Not our cup of coffee, sorry tea.
    Besides that, all we do, they come to spy and try to copy…. cheaper. It disturbed me during a long time, but you get used to. Difficult to stay original ! Since the SCO summit took place in Qingdao, property prices are going crazy. In some years, perhaps selling and rebuilt an old factory at the country site, who knows. Love your videos, a lot of what I experienced. Conclusion, as western you need to accept their culture, as every expat in each country should do (not like some muslims in Europe), without quitting your honest values.

  • Cmoke; Do something, anything, with your hair! OMG

  • 3 effing years ? there is no way ? You guys could have fallen through the ground lol. China is clearly the leader in fake building materials.

  • Billions that Chinese collect from Africa. After dumping fake electronics that won't last even 3 months.

  • This makes me feel a lot better I thought they only build junk for the United States this new economy in china has been like trailer trash hitting the lottery all they’re good at is making cardboard boxes

  • China purposely built shitty structure in the millions not really for investment but as economics strategy to make their growth look good.The government pays for the construction and the money goes into the "system."

  • What we can expect from Chinese quality and standard

  • This is absolutely horrible that is allowed to happen.

  • So that’s the Economy that’s supposed to Overtake Ours?😂🤣😂 Building Ghost cities & letting them fall over? 🤣

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