Emery Village is located at the intersection of Sheppard Ave and Weston Rd. I know the area historically hasn’t been great but there’s a hidden pocket of new homes that you might not have heard about before and the homes are beautifully designed and the urban park with skating rink maintained by the City of Toronto is just magnificent. If you’re finding affordability in the city an issue and want to live in a newer nicer home but you don’t want to live all the way out in the GTA, then take a look at Emery Village in North York [West] where the homes are still reasonable and bidding wars are not so intense (well at least not yet!). Contact me for more information if you think this location (@ HWY 400/401) suits you. I would be happy to help as I recently helped a client purchase in this community not too long ago. See you all in the next one and thanks for watching. Almost 500 subscribers WOOHOO!!


Area Profile: Affordable New Homes in Toronto [Emery Village 2017] – Joseph Bannon Park #buy #RealEstate in #Canada

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