See best way to clean a condensation pump for your HVAC (air conditioner). A little education on how they work, overflow pan, why there is usually no condensation pump in attic unit, etc. There is a lot to this simple but critical piece of air conditioning equipment. You will learn AT LEAST 1 THING FROM THIS VIDEO


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  • where the drain pipe come out of the furnace, there is a plug on the right. what is behind that plug?

  • Should you feel air flowing out of that tube? I have two AC's and blows out air like crazy and one there is no Air at all flowing thru it.

  • why would you not use vinegar water work better is how they clean out my tankless water heater. Janie

  • When I pulled the top of the condensation drain while the A/C was running I had water spill out. Is this normal? I guess I need to turn A/C unit off first.

  • where is the safety float switch

  • This is so wrong. Bleach like Clorox will eat your impellers on the pump and cause to go bad in a short time. Trust me. They love to tell you to use bleach because they know they'll sell more pumps. HVAC is 70% scamming you to buy parts, like capacitors.

  • What if I have cedar clapboards on my house? Where would it come out?

  • I went into the basement yesterday and had a flood on the floor. The pump was turning on every 15 seconds or so for 5 seconds and then shutting off and repeating. When I looked into the condensate pump box, the water was going up the hose just a short ways and then going back into the box, which was causing it to keep coming on. I could see the water level in the box going down and then back up again. It wasn't pumping the water all the way to the end. The end of the hose goes into a drain about 30 feet away and when I lifted the hose up out of the drain, all the water poured out of the hose. It seemed to be working OK after that but last night it did the same thing. And again, lifting the end of the hose out of the drain released all the water and fixed it. Any idea why its doing that? The AC unit and pump box are about 6 years old.

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