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Searching Cardel Homes Tampa? Watch this honest review of Cardel Homes in Tampa, FL – from Tampa Realtor Lance Mohr.
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I wanted to give you an honest review about Cardel Homes in Tampa, my experiences with them, and what you need look out for.
When it comes to building a new home there are 4 types of builders:
Level 1: Entry level builders
Level 2: Mid-level builders
Level 3: Upper end / semi-custom builders
Level 4: Custom builders

Cardel Homes is a Level 3 or semi-custom home builder. If you demand the best and don’t want to settle for a cookie-cutter or volume builder Cardel Homes in Tampa is a great choice. They offer great attention to detail both outside the home and inside. They also go above code with material behind the walls. Cardel is definitely NOT the least expensive builder in Tampa, but they are one of the best.

I have owned and lived in a Cardel home for over 10 years and I can personally say they are a top notch quality builder. My only problem is that they don’t build enough homes so when my wife and I want to move up we will most likely have to buy a home from a builder that doesn’t have Cardel’s attention to detail.

Luxury, top of the line, attention to detail these are just a few of the more popular adjectives that customers have used when describing Cardel Homes Tampa. The company is family-owned and has been building homes since 1973, that’s over 40 years’ worth of building experience and truly the proof is in the pudding. Each home is designed with families in mind. Cardel has been designing and building quality single-family homes in some of the most popular cities including Tampa.

Before the company just moves into an area and decides to build they look and research because Cardel Homes are only found in places where families want to live. Homes that are close to grocery stores, services, schools, major roads, and businesses giving each family the top choice for all their needs.

Cardel pays close attention to the details of each and every single build, giving you the peace of mind of a safe, secure, and stable home. Cardel foundations are truly the best out there. Cardel isn’t just home builders though, the company believes strongly in giving back not only to local communities but national and world wide organizations as well. Were you aware that the company has donated to breast cancer campaigns and provided contributions to food bank drives to help those families who are struggling?

After taking a quick glance into who Cardel is it is easy to see why so many customers choose to have Cardel Homes build their dream homes. Not simply because they are a well-known and reputable building company but also because they believe is giving back and providing the best for their customers.

Currently, Cardel Homes is building in Tampa, Denver, Calgary and Ottawa.

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Here’s an honest review of Cardel Homes in Tampa, FL:

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