Finding Your Integrator - How To Recruit, Hire & Onboard a Great Operations Manager w/Linzee Ciprani

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Solving problems and avoiding problems are two very different things. -Matt Johnson

When a hardworking agent realizes they are maxed out, it’s time to get some help from the world of admin. What’s the first step for finding the right person, what are you looking out for in the interview, and what are common hiring mistakes people make? We discuss this with agent and hiring consultant Linzee Ciprani.

Takeaways + Tactics

In the interview process, you’re looking for the candidate to be able to talk you through their thinking process, so you know how they’ll tackle the issues you want solved.

You’ve been calling your sphere for real estate stuff already, why wouldn’t you call them to ask about an assistant?

Make an “I hate to do” list and take those things off of you by getting help.

If you stay away from friends and family, you don’t risk damaging things.

On this episode, we covered:

Linzee’s team and lead generation system
How to go about from hiring an assistant by reaching out to your sphere
The difference between solving problems and avoiding them
Why to avoid hiring friends and family as your admin

Key Quotes

You know in your gut when you’re not giving good service. -Linzee Ciprani

When you’re hiring an assistant, you’re looking for someone who really wants the result, which is solving the problem, not taking putting it back on your plate. -Matt Johnson

The whole point of getting yourself some assistance is to take the work you hate off your plate. The thinking process of the person you’re hiring is important, because it determines whether they are driven to solve your problems or just fling them back on your already full plate. The right person will be willing and able to take as much as possible of your plate without constant management and fixing from you.

Guest Bio

Linzee Ciprani is an Owner/COO in the Jesse Johnston Team, Keller Williams Real Estate- West Chester where her proven systems and recruiting methods have taken their team to a new level since coming on board in April of 2015. Ciprani Consulting was launched out of Linzee Ciprani’s home in 2014. She had left a fabulous position with one of the top Real Estate Agents in her area to build her own business. Ciprani Consulting was quickly born once multiple Agents in the area sought Linzee’s help in hiring and training their next Administrative Assistant. Go to for more info or email

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