“Subject To” deals are the perfect zero down structure.

Here is how to buy with no money and no credit, create monthly cashflow, chunks of income when you buy, wonderful tax deductions, build a huge portfolio in a very short period of time using my Push Button Method automation techniques and be in control of the property because your company is on the deed.

This is the core of what I teach and a great way to build a business.

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The most powerful technique in the zero down heierarchy of deals is Subject To deals. Let me explain what they are and show you how to do them and build a portfolio of properties that’ll serve you for the rest of your life.

Joe: I have another deal I think makes sense and I’m going to show you how these types of deals make sense. I teach zero down structures. I’ve been teaching you about them in these videos. I teach them in my program, is my mentor program. Go look at both of those. There’s lots of free information just on those sites about how we do some of this stuff and also how you can get involved in those programs if you want to pay for them. I’ll be happy to teach you.

Joe: But, let’s talk about specific Subject-To deals so that you can see the structure and how it works. I’m going to show you one of the types of deals that I do in my Millionaire Matrix so that you can see how this process works and how cool it is – where you don’t have any money or any credit in it and it makes you money for the rest of your life. These are cool deals and they’re pretty easy to put together if you use the Push Button system that I’ve got which automates the whole process of bringing your buyers and your sellers to you; I love it. It’s how I built my rather substantial portfolio doing it.

Joe: Now, this Subject-To house is currently in my inventory. I haven’t even advertised it for sale. I keep it as part of my portfolio. I’m holding onto it as a long term strategy, but I am willing to sell it as well. So I’ll show you what I do with some of these properties.

Joe: The beauty of it is it’s so easy to find these properties. There’s so many of them available out there that it’s not difficult to sell them. So if you ever want to buy this way and don’t want to do the work to find the properties, then give me a call and I’ll put one together for you. It’s going to be an unusual type of investment and you’re not going to get your head around it at the beginning because at first glance, it’s going to seem like a crazy idea, especially when you look at these numbers that I’m going to show you here.

Joe: Let’s go into this one specifically. You can take over this property. I find a homeowner that says I can’t afford to make the payments any more. I want to move. I’m current on my payments. I’ll make your next payment for you and then I’ll deed you the property. So they deed me the property and I take it over.

Joe: By the way, if you want to learn how to do Subject-To deals, I teach it in my mentor program at and you can learn about that, or you can learn it in my push button method – We actually have some automated systems to bring folks in who do this, a complete FSBO Subject-To system that automates the entire thing so that all you have to do is pick up the phone when the seller’s ready to go and then you sell it to them. They don’t flood in with that method but they come in enough to get one or two of them a month and get the process going. But you have to be careful with negative cash flow. And I’m going to talk about that right now.

Joe: Here’s the numbers on this particular property. This was a brand new property when I got it. You can see the dumpster was ….

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Here Is What Works: Buying “Subject To” Deals – Real Estate Investing #buy #RealEstate in #Canada

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  • Joe, do you live in Indiana? I live here in Indy and I'm working with a math teacher I had in middle school that owns a dozen properties or so. I'm twenty, which is how old my teacher was when he got his first house, and I'm getting into investing now, too. He actually lives in Avon. You can imagine my surprise when I saw this was in Avon. Anyway, if you find the time and are available and willing, I'd like to take you to lunch and just get some insight. I'm just trying to surround myself with as many successful local investors as possible and I'm hearing a lot of great things from them about the market here in Indy. Easiest way to reach me is at Thanks for any consideration Joe. Daniel

  • You didn't really explain who the property goes to, in a subject to deal, if the lender exercises the "Due on Sale" clause. Even if you got the seller to sign a disclosure on the "Due on Sale" clause. If the balance of the property becomes due from the seller, it seems the buyer would have to give the property back. This could be a big deal if the buyer has had it for 5 years and has built $50,000+ equity into the property. It leads me to believe the seller could conviently tip off the lender down the road because he knows he'll get the property back with a bunch of equity built into it. This could spell disaster for an investor. Please explain.

  • I'm looking to find a property but don't have good credit I'm looking in north Carolina or San Antonio Texas can u help

  • Thats good info on "Subject to" Real Estate deals, Joe!

  • can you do "subject to" while seller is 12,000 behind in payments and in pre foreclosure?

  • Joe, I'd like to buy a property from you. I am in your mentor program and my LLC is three years old this year. It has not made me a profit. I am afraid that the government will call this a hobby rather than a business if I don't show some progress. I sent you an email a few weeks ago.
    Lawrence , Lancaster , CA

  • Where can we find the "Subject To" contract paperwork?

  • Hi there, couple of questions please;
    1. do you have any subjected to deals in CA that you can introduce or sell?

    2. in a subjected to deal, if I pay mortgage for say 10 remaining years (on a 30 fixed loan), does it mean that I will build equity of whatever the total principal payments would be ? also,
    also, what happens in such subjected to deal when I buy the property after 15 yrs of mortgage payment . say the house worth 100k and the seller has already built 40% of the equity when the buyer takes over in a subjected to deal. once the property is being sold in a regular transaction , how does the proceeds split work?

  • Joe what is your plan in case bank decides to exercise their "due on sale" clause?

  • Jee… if I can do this type of deals here where I live you let me know. I just dont think this is possible at all. You basically need a real desperate seller who will be loosing the house in foreclosure (ok thats is possible) but the owner must call you first after you do some mailings. I just dont think this is the most efficient way to buy houses. Is just my opinion on this!!!

  • ok there is a few things that dont add up….
    firstly this is a bran new property, less then a year old…. and you have a tennent that have been there for a couple of years. so how long have there been people living in this home ?
    also insurance.. how much is that ? i might have missed it, but surely you have insurance.
    all in all i do like your videos, there is some good info, just dont think all your numbers add up


  • Interesting video. Had trouble hearing it. Sounds like he's whispering.

  • I probably need more information on this deal, the number just don't make sense to me.

  • I probably need more information on this deal, the number just don't make sense to me.

  • I see 67.00 for mortgage insurance but I don't see property insurance?

  • Can you do a sub2 on a short sale??

  • bet on/buying on appreciation. risky! More for the financialy well off. vacancy rate could kill anyone with short pockets. sounds like a buy and hold & flip or flip on appreciation. thanks for sharing.

  • a bit contradicting. Af first you said it is a new property less than a year and then you said the tenants been there for a couple years ?

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