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He who has a bountiful eye will be blessed, for he gives of his bread to the poor. – Proverbs 22:9

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  • The extensive rat droppings were disgusting.

  • USA resident (born and raised in Pennsylvania). I gotta say I love British terrace houses. We call them rowhouses in the States. We haven't got the rooms partitioned off like Britain. I like the cozy of their houses.

  • id like to see was more animals out it thrtr invioronment and see how loveable and an swwt and smart gthey Aaron

  • I used to love watching this program and I used to love watching Dion Dublin play football BUT watching him doing this program is just stupid it's is just laughable he is just taking off Martin Roberts in every way in his talk rubbing of his hands the little ways Martin says certain things.Dion has gone down so much in my mind or is it the bbc again thinking that US public are stupid enough to believe anything that is said in this program and what is the point of Dion being on the program ?Since he has been doing this program it's no longer believeable .I can't wait to watch the big match and watch Martin Roberts playing football for Manchester United.

  • One camera per bidder with a multi screen would be soon much better.

  • The teeth.! Almost every show! Someone has just horrendous teeth!

  • Love the presenters, Lucy & Martin, and now their new addition Dion too. Quite funny at times, and lots of good things showing.
    Only cant understand how a bad workmanship could passed as 'high standard'.
    Even a not trained eye can spot it on many occasions 🙂

  • LOL the first house ….. 2 "good sized" double bedrooms. Those rooms are so tiny, they are big enough for a baby's crib and a change table and nothing else.
    Nothing wrong with it except it needs a new kitchen, new bathroom, rewiring ……… add in a new roof, new windows, dealing with all that mold, install central heating and on and on.

  • Are kitchens and bathrooms made of cardboard in the UK that all the reno estimates come in so low, despite both rooms needing a gut?

  • @computeraddic The creation of an owner association does exist in the UK however it is commonly refered to as a Residential Management Company or a Right to Manage Company allowing leaseholders/owners to manage their own block with the help of their own appointed managing agent. I believe this is the same as in Netherlands, however there are still vast amount of blocks in the UK which have not applied for this right.

  • Cant stand he guy who presents this! Jumped up patronising twat!

  • What is the land owner doing with that loft space? 

  • I agree with FunkSouldClassic89 and they certainly know how to take the character out of our heritage…..

  • If that dizzy blonde says ""It could make even more Money!!!  or " I can smell a musty damp crack" I will personally donate the first Euro to send her off to University to educate her "proper like".

  • Still cant stand this show which is solely about developers, greed and hideous people destroying the character of the houses they purchase to make  as much money as they can.  The title means squat as it should read Houses and Commercial properties Under the Hammer.  How does that Dionne Warwick song go …" A House is not Home…etc".  I will crack a bottle of Dom Perignon when this show effing finishes and Lucy and Martin head off to a seniors home.. 

  • I used to live in Crampton Street as a boy until I was 12, about 50 years ago then you could buy my old 4 story house No29 with side yard, which we rented, for eight hundred pounds. It didn't sell at that price and in the end the council bought the house and the 4 other houses next to it and demolished  them.We were moved to a block of flats, which I'm told are also now demolished .Looking at the video I couldn't recognize the area. How times have changed. I moved to the IOW and then to Peru. Where I live now.

  •  Whilst I enjoy the programme, there are some issues about what the developers do.  One is paint every house cream/ magnolia, I wouldn't go near a house those colours it would put me off. There are plenty of soft neutral colours that could be used instead. And despite talk about the 'nice features' the new buyers barely retain any which is a terrible shame.  But one of the most upsetting things they do is- destroy the gardens and worse seem to feel proud of the damage they have done.
    Often a pretty front garden is given over to his/ her majesties off road parking, they don't even leave a surrounding flower bed or climbers.   Go to the back of the house. Martin and Lucy express their pleasure at seeing  a ' large garden' and the said garden is often full of roses and shrubs but just needs the lawn cutting and some weeding- but no, what do they do? flatten it, so destructive and such a shame.  A beautiful garden is a legacy, its gutting to see the empty stretch of miserable grass or worse gravel and hey! they might even allow about a foot for borders. What an offput, it should be ilegal

  • So you by a flat,and you have to ask a freeholder if you want to sand the floorboards???What a ridicolous arrangement!In the Netherlands you by a flat and you can do anything with it,as long you don mess with the structure of the building!
    And you have a Owners Association and with there approval you can do anything with your flat,including a loft!

  • Thanks for uploading this episode. BBC One's episode guide lists this episode as Series 15, Episode 81 – Netherton (Liverpool), Walworth (London), Tiverton (Devon).

  • I don't know why people are whinging about this show… its some light entertainment about property.  As an aussie who has lived in the UK several times, I  find these sorts of programs interesting.  It doesn't "force" me to take out a loan I can't afford. I can't afford to buy a house but I don't blame it on a tv show lol.  As for the people that get into property development- good luck to them! 

  • shows like this drive prices up forcing people to pay obscene amounts for properties basically scaring the public saying prices will go up and up forcing people to buy who can't afford mortgages they couldn't pay the bills making people homeless..
    this was one the reasons we had a credit crunch. Banks was lending to people who couldn't afford the mortgage.

  • AU dollars…not GBP…and some houses cost that here anyway.

  • 1.50…obviously never been to Brighton…Brighton doesn't have sand mate.

  • your all lucky you dont live in australia and have to pay 3-400 sometimes 500 thousand for a house

  • Some of that money could have gone into the ladies mouth.

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  • shut up mate you aint got a clue

  • UK is WAY cheaper to live in than Oz. Im australian and moved back here and I regret it. Uk is great.

  • Thats exactly why I'm in Spain! Suffered years in the UK being treated like a human commodity. The situation is despicable & for this the UK public should be ashamed of themselves. It's not even proper capitalism coz if we were "truely free" the local mafia councils wouldn't control the contruction of new homes to the extent that they do. They shouldn't play money games (or even be hypocritical and claim that its all fair and free) with a finite resouce (they made it finite) that everyone needs.

  • i watch this all the time lovr to know how these fucking foreigners get there money most hve 5 or 6 properties. cant get 1 to own makes me laugh this shithole country

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