How To Buy An Affordable Like-New Home

Buying a first home can be an overwhelmingly mysterious project, especially in such financially unpredictable times. The housing crisis has left scars on even those who weren’t directly affected.

Yet the housing catastrophe didn’t squash the American dream of homeownership for all. First-time buyers are searching for their dream homes before interest rates climb higher. However, despite the fact that most want a brand new home, first-time homebuyers discover it’s just not in their budget.

But an emerging strategy of finding buyers to purchase investor-owned homes that are currently under renovation is making buying “like-new” homes affordable and possible, even for first-time buyers.

Buyers want new homes but sometimes a new home just isn’t affordable. Learn how you can purchase a like-new home and even get it customized to your liking. Phoebe Chongchua from Live Fit Magazine has the story of a San Diego buyer who did just that.

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