How To Massively Increase Your Predictable Income with Wayne Salmans

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Agents look for clarity, predictability and consistency, but they make their systems too complicated to execute. What does this mistake cost them? Why do objections require curiosity to figure out what’s truly behind them? On this episode, Wayne Salmans goes deep on effective script delivery, overcoming objections and the importance of simplicity in systems.
How do you keep growing the business without growing the complexity, the time you put in, and taking on more and more mental burden? -Matt Johnson
Takeaways + Tactics

When you go into the listing appointment, enroll the seller into the conversation, and make watching the market one of your value propositions.

Dig deeper: the objection is never the objection, there’s always something else.

The reason agents face interruptions and objections in prospecting is a failure to mirror and match the client’s communication.
We also shared insights on;
-The best scripts for asking a client about a price reduction
-Why you should be practicing scripts with fellow agents
-What it takes to effectively deliver a script
-Why you need to stop booty calling your database
-Growing your business without adding a lot more to your plate
Succeeding with your database starts with building a system that is so simple you can actually execute it. It’s also important to stop booty calling your database, it feels weird because it should. Build consistent communication into your system in a simple way. You only need four reasons a year to call your database – invite them to events, check on their needs and touch base with them. This is how you can use your business to create a predictive future.
Wayne’s mission is to empower people to actively engage and participate in their own transformation and success. After building homes in Alaska for 5 years, Wayne began to pursue a career in Real Estate. Within just a few short years he joined the top 1% of realtors, and was voted one of 30 under 30 top Realtors in the nation by Realtor Magazine. As a successful developer, investor and builder Wayne has purchased and sold millions of dollars in residential and commercial real estate. Wayne is passionate about family, marketing, building wealth through real estate and serving in the community. Find him on Facebook
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