Investment Conversation with Mike of Rethinking The Dollar

1. What got you started and perked your interest in discussing money, investments and precious metals?
2. The pension crisis, how much does this have to do with the fact that we now have a record number of babyboomers retiring and people living longer?
3. What are some of the ways the US may entertain resolving the pension crisis?
a. Wars
b. Disease
c. Allowing in more immigrants, legal and illegally
4. In addition to what employees pay into their retirement pension, what are some of the ways city, county, state, federal governments and private enterprise fund pension accounts?
5. Those who have silver, gold and other precious metals to sell, why are they selling it to get your dollars, why not keep those precious metals themselves?
6. For individuals, especially millennials, those between 18 and 40 years of age, what would you say is more valuable, investment into critical skillsets or investment into precious metals, adjusting for age?
7. In 2014, after the coup in Ukraine, sponsored with $5 billion from the US, and Crimean citizens voting to secede from Ukraine and rejoin Russia, the Obama Administration applied sanctions against Russia and compelled EU states to do the same. How do you think the US has the power to dictate how and who EU states as well as other states will buy and sell with?
8. Recently, EU states threatened to take their case to the World Court, if the US insisted theyo follow the US in breaking the agreement with Iran and apply sanctions to Iran. Companies such as Boeing and Airbus will lose billions of dollars in revenue. How or can these companies be compensated for these loses resulting from political whims?
9. One US sanctions strategy in 2014 was forcing the price of oil down by forcing the Saudis to increase their oil output which dropped the price at the pumps for more than 3 years but is now going back up. This strategy did not work against Russia. How and what are some of the other systems that are countering American petro-dollar system and SWIFT banking cartel?
10. Regarding the commodity of precious metals, in this case, gold, I recently had a question from a viewer who said:
(Donald Reed)
I watched children in Africa ages 5 – 10 breaking up rocks with one handed hammers in Royal Family / EU / UN Owned Mines. Royal Family receives GOLD Shares from all African Countries & All other counties within the world … Where is the OUT Cry about young African Children breaking ROCKS & Mining? Another way of putting it is, should investors be concerned about the moral methods under which precious metals are attained or more concerned about their profits? Blood diamonds would be a past example.
11. Speaking of metals, often what are ignored are the 4 most strategic metals which is not gold, and silver but chromium, cobalt, manganese and platinum, mostly sourced in Africa. Can or how can African Americans invest in those?
12. Since it has long been a concluded fact that most of the earth’s precious metals are attained in Africa, should there be more education and programs on how Africans themselves can better benefit from what is supposed to be theirs?


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