Lead Generation Tips for New Agents with Darryl Baskin

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Starting off in a competitive market is always difficult for new agents. What are the best ways to lead generate and hit great prospects? Is technology always the answer? And how can a 8×8 campaign benefit you? In this clip, Darryl Baskin explains his first methods of lead generation and how being persistent can be key to a first successful deal.

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We also discussed;
Benefits of flexibility in real estate work
Self-branding on the way to credibility
Dealing with customers who wouldn’t accept your advice
The lack of middle ground in lead generation
Why open houses can lose their appeal
How life experiences can shape your business outlook

Do your listing appointments feel like you’re suddenly in Wayne’s World? Then make sure to listen to this episode for some great advice for agents that are making their first steps in the market. Stay faithful to your systems and monitor them regularly to get more leads, more appointments and, eventually, more sales.

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