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Housing Wire posted an interesting article titled Changing the message about mortgage lenders: From Villain to Hero! It’s a really good read and the article posed some provocative questions. I’ve been thinking about this topic for quite some time now too. I mean we just saw mortgage lenders get blasted by a possible future presidential candidate and The Big Short is still in theaters and if you watch it you’ll see the few actual mortgage lenders in the movie were portrayed and slime ball knuckleheads with no souls. Since the financial crash, the continuing message by the public and media has portrayed the lender somewhat as an enemy; the headlines and conversations focus on fines and penalties imposed by regulatory agencies upon the lenders. There is no recognition of the lenders’ endless uphill battle and efforts to comply with the increasing amounts of regulatory restrictions, while also absorbing the new costs associated with implementing the necessary rules and regulations so that they can continue to provide products to help their customers! So, how do we change the perception about the mortgage industry in general and more importantly the induvial mortgage lender? Or is this Villain label warranted by the media and the public? Why then, are mortgage lenders consistently portrayed as villains instead of heroes? While mortgage lenders are not completely altruistic as perhaps true heroes, due to their need to make a profit and to be a sustainable business, there is no villainous intent to hurt the consumer. IMO. In fact, the opposite is true; lenders typically want to provide the best product and service possible to the consumer. I mean really, it’s in their best interest to do so. Most of them work as a small business, basically self-employed working with their local markets and communities. They can’t afford to be a villain or be portrayed as one.

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  • This was a great video!  I have borrowers who show appreciation because they realize how hard it is and I have others who still think its 1990 and don't understand why they need to provide tax returns or cant use the cash they don't claim on their taxes from tips.  I really doubt anyone who wrote the legislation or the rules sat down with a borrower and went through every document in an application line by line with them. Its very frustrating if you do everything the way the regulations want you to. I mean who has ever had a borrower actually read the consumer handbook on arms?  I always used to think if the process was harder for everyone that was actually good for me because others would drop off and my work ethic and care for my customers would help me to continue to succeed. Starting to get where it is not worth it no matter the money.

  • If we do our job, we are heros.  I try everyday with every client and potential client to be honest about the process, be honest with the client on what I can (or cannot) do for them, and do it cheerfully.  Behind the scenes we work our butts off and I tell my clients that.

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