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New Active Region, Weather, Nebulae | S0 News Dec.29.2017 #buy #homes in the #USA #realestate

Therefore keep the words of this covenant, and do them, that you may prosper in all that you do. – Deuteronomy 29:9

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  • …what next?? Thanks for the concise report as always…smile.

  • interesting channel. where's the mind blowing polar weather news tubes these days. buckeye ben's holding out on us these days.

  • Can anyone tell me why there are no earthquakes on the disaster prediction app since Dec. 15 th ?

  • Wow!you guys always impress! So basically human get microwaved by the sun?

  • You get your information from the establishment , your wack

  • Fake fake fake and Even more fakery

  • The oceans are so hot they pump warm air deep into Russia pushing cold air to NA. Wait till they cool off

  • Why is Wyoming the windiest place in America? Deadly winds everyday.

  • That script…I don't know. Feel free to unscript it by the new year. Happy new year btw.
    I watch it +- everyday. I thought it'll be boring during the minimum but it's not.
    Yeah, this and Infowars. A daily reality check.

  • On this date in History – December 29,
    1830 – A very heavy snowstorm ushered in the "winter of the deep snow." The storm produced 30 inches of snow at Peoria IL and 36 inches at Kansas City MO. Cold and snow continued until the middle of February causing great suffering among pioneers.
    1848 – Gas lights 1st installed at White House (Polk's administration)
    1852 – Emma Snodgrass arrested in Boston for wearing pants
    1876 – As the Pacific Express passenger train steamed into Ashtabula, OH during a major snowstorm, the bridge over the frozen Ashtabula River gave way, plunging one of the locomotives and several cars into the chasm. Residents of the small town rushed to the rescue, but 92 people died in the disaster. Many of the deaths resulted from the blaze that started in the wreckage from the fires that heated the train cars. It was determined that faulty construction led to the collapse of the bridge
    1894 – A severe freeze hit Florida destroying fruit and causing considerable damage to trees.
    1933 – Ontario Canada's coldest day on record occurred as 14 reporting sites recorded their coldest-ever temperature, including Algonquin Park at -49°F and Ottawa -38°F
    1954 – Fort Scott, KS was buried under 26 inches of snow in 24 hours to establish a state record
    1964 – Coffs Harbour, New South Wales in Australia recorded wind speeds of 130 mph during a severe non-tropical storm
    1989 – Snow and ice prevailed from the southwestern U.S. to the Great Lakes Region. Flagstaff, AZ received 9 inches of snow in just 6 hours. Bitter cold weather continued over Maine. Portland, ME reported a record 22 straight days with highs 32°F or colder
    1992 – Big time snows occurred across the Sierra Nevada Mountains in California. 30 inches of snow fell at Daggett Pass, CA in just 24 hours. The snow depth at the Sierra Ski Ranch accumulated to 118 inches
    On this date through the 31st, former Tropical Cyclone Fergus, moved over the North Island of New Zealand bringing torrential rains, widespread flooding and landslides exposing northern districts. The highest measured rainfall occurred in the Thames-Coromandel district with 16.7 inches
    2004 – The world's highest barometric pressure (adjusted to sea level) was recorded at Tonsontsengel, Mongolia at 32.25 inHg or 1092 millibars
    2013 – The volcano, Chaparrastique, erupts in El Salvador

  • Howdy Y'n'All! Fine over here! Interesting happening here on the 26th in the afternoon. I haven't got all the details yet, but a lightning strike like not seen by people here before! We were not at home at the time, so am hearing bits and bobs as I go along… I'd like to compile a story, so will let you All know if I managed to get my act together! Wow! Anyways, our Neighbours were at the Vaal River/Dam and also had what can only be described as a prelude to a tornado… So, yeah, pretty hairy out there… My personal advice, plus all other advice that's available for All of us who would like to survive through this period, is to make your home your five-star abode. We have now got all we need to stay in touch with one another for as long as possible without having to travel unnecessarily, and more and more people are opting to work from home, which is awesome! So, yeah, I'm just saying… It's not an easy task, but neither is it impossible. And slowly, as we all start to adopt a way of life that, for all the kids now is normal, we may establish a platform whereby slowly but surely, as funds allow, for us All to be able to survive and uplift those who need our help. Yes, there shall be those who have to travel and be outdoors, but the fewer the better. I know it sounds as if we're all being sentenced, but, for those brave souls who want to try Mother Nature, well, I'm not going to be one of them. And as for Father – I'm as good as I can be in His Presence. Warmest wishes to Y'All – Raine and Pierre. Stay Awesome and Keep Making Good Memories!

  • ty Ms Kat and Ben..!!
    A beautiful clear blue sky at 50°f in South MS..
    Last evening at sunset witnessed an awesome display of atmosphere anomalies of lines. of gray west to east over laid by higher white with some blue poking through.. 1st time ever to see such..WOW..!!

  • … 'hypothesis impractique:'
    if a very, very faintly, curved wall of an irresistibly and exceedingly intense white light was ripping across the cosmos at light speed and heading, flat-on, straight towards 'our' galactic group, solar system … and everything else betwixt here and this approaching, 'Wall of Fates.' Since the 'Wall's own light (radiation, energy/wavelength[s]) of which it is comprised can travel no faster than its own front… even our furthest satellites such as the Voyagers can send no alarm signal of its contact/impact occurrence w/the (or any) satellites – at a velocity faster than this universe-wide, colossally energetic radiative, photonic tsunami that is quickly approaching Terra.
    How could any warning be given of the approaching scorch session? Perhaps some compression &/or magnetically influenced, lensing distortion-precedence of the standard, 'local' light/energy sources that are streaming at & past Earth ahead of the big wall of pure, global smack-down? Just a thought.

  • Why should I be concerned about the health effects of space weather when there is nothing I can do about it?

  • 2013 Boston Globe Mini Ice Age article talking about Jack Eddy 40 years ago and how governments and rights devolve during food crisis.

  • Just don't feed it sugar during a geomagnetic storm, otherwise you're really shooting yourself in the foot. Which makes me think, I wonder how effective it would be to fast during storm conditions. Could give the phagocytosis process a nice boost in order to counteract the disrupted circadian rhythms.

  • Good morning, fellow 0bservers! Woke up to a frosty wonderland this morning due to all the freezing fog we had last nite. It was beautiful. But then, suddenly it warmed up a bit and all melted, almost at once. However, it seems that we're headed for the deep freeze for New Years.
    Troubling to hear about the cancer/circadian rhythm connection. I don't seem to have much a CR because I don't seem to have a very regular sleep pattern. I may have to look into that, but makes me afraid of what I may find. Thanks, Ben. Also, just learned that I didn't know how to spell rythem (sp). 😉
    Have a great 'fried day' everyone! Cheers, y'all!

  • Good morning from outside Lafayette, Indiana where it's 16 F, and we're under another winter storm advisory for snow. New Year's Eve, forecasters say we could plummet to 17 below zero F. I can handle temps to about 15 F. but minus 17 is freakin' cold! Thank you, Ben and Kat, for making 2017 another fascinating year of learning and discovery!

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