Today’s new homes are built better than you even imagine. With new technology, safety standards and energy efficiency in mind, new homes today are designed to save you money.


BRETT TUTOR: So you know how they say they don’t build homes like they used to? It’s true. They actually build them a whole lot better. So we know technology has helped us in so many different aspects of our lives with convenience and quality; the same is true for construction. The technology, the safety, the electrical standards, they all improve every three years, and I see this as a home inspector, but especially with energy efficiency. You can see here they have a radiant barrier. What that does is it protects heat from getting in your attic, it’s gonna keep your house cooler, keep your AC bills lower, and save you money. Just one more reason to buy new.


New Homes Today are Built Better Than You Imagine #buy #homes in the #USA #realestate


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