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If you are contemplating buying a new home or pre-owned home check out this video from real estate expert Lance Mohr.
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In this new homes video, I go over some of the advantages and disadvantages of buying a new home. Though price is important when buying real estate there are a lot of other tings to consider. And that’s what I talk about.

If you’re thinking of buying a new or a pre-owned home it’s a very exciting time and even bigger decision. During this process, I am sure you will have a ton of questions that you will need answers to in order to help you find the perfect for you home. When purchasing a home one of the first things you need to decide is whether you want a brand new home or a pre-owned home. When making this decision remember most people live in their homes from 10-15 years, so you want something that makes you happy and will still be what you want years from now.

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Another thing to think about is the differences between new homes and pre-owned homes. Let’s first take a look at the new homes. When you purchase a new home most times you are purchasing land that has nothing on it. You are able to customize your home the exact way you want it with no exceptions, except for a budget of course. You can pick the type of outside covering, the colors, and the layout, pretty much every aspect of your home is designed by you. Now, if you purchase a pre-owned home you are stuck with whatever the previous owners liked. Most times this boils down to cosmetic issues that can be changed but it is still hard to picture the home being yours with these issues you do not like.

Second, with pre-owned homes you might be saving a few thousand dollars on the price of the home but you are actually going to pay more for the utilities for the home and you will have more maintenance to think about in an older home. When you purchase a new home, things are tighter, less drafty and most times made with better quality materials and “green” materials, thus making new homes more efficient when it comes to utility use, plus with new homes since they are built new there is no maintenance in the beginning. When purchasing a home think of this the price is simply the price you pay for the home, but the cost is the price you pay for the home, the utilities, and any maintenance that the home will require, all added together.

No matter which route you chose, whether you are looking for a new home or a pre-owned home I recommend finding an experienced Realtor who knows the Tampa real estate market inside and out; that can help you decide and show you the homes in the area you like most.

If you are viewing real estate in Tampa or new homes in the Tampa area I hope to hear from you.

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If you are contemplating buying a new home or pre-owned home check out this video at


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