McCaffrey Homes Testimonial and Review
Nick Ramos & Atheena Sanchez

Nick: My Name is Nick,

Atheena: My Name is Atheena,

Nick: This is the first house we bought from McCaffrey

Atheena: My home buying experience was great. Everybody was really helpful through the process.

Atheena: We shopped around looking at other builders but McCaffrey was definitely our favorite.

Nick: We wanted a three bedroom and we wanted an open floor plan.

Nick: We like having the kitchen and the living room all kind of in the same area. It’s not compartmentalized like a lot of other houses.

Athenna: We entertain our family a lot. They come in from out of town

Nick: They’re just shocked compared to our old apartment. It just blows people’s minds that we were able to buy it.

Athenna: I particularly love the kitchen. It’s my favorite part of the house because it’s so open

Nick: I like the granite countertops a lot, I think those look nice.

Atheena: The maintenance isn’t that hard. Everything is so new and so clean and it’s easy to keep it clean.

Atheena: The final walkthrough was fun and exciting.

Nick: They showed us everything that we picked out and if it all looked good to us, which it did.

Atheena: They were always helpful from the beginning right until the end when we moved in and they’re still helpful with questions that we have even after we’ve moved in.


Nicholas Ramos & Atheena Sanchez – McCaffrey Homes Testimonial and Review #buy #homes in the #USA #realestate

The Lord will indeed give what is good, and our land will yield its harvest. – Psalm 85:12

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