Prospecting & Building Genuine Connections with Susan Heller

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Power prospector and listing pro Susan Heller joins us to share her weekly structure for prospecting, how her Closing Negotiator helps her give great service, and why phone prospecting is her default setting.

Takeaways + Tactics

1. Start your week off strong with a Money Monday full of highly focused prospecting

2. Make follow-up calls from 9-11am on Saturday morning – people will be impressed with your diligence and you have less competition

3. Spend 30min role playing in the morning with a partner to sharpen your scripts

“As we know, with today’s technology, we can be anywhere and still be listing and selling property.” Susan Heller

“I prospect Monday from 8am to 8pm…then the massage therapist arrives at the house around 8:15pm.” Susan Heller

Want to inject a shot of adrenaline into your real estate business? Hit the phones and hustle for appointments. It’s the fastest, most direct path to more business.

Guest Bio

Susan Heller is an award-winning 20-year veteran broker and real estate team leader based in Naples, FL. As a longtime coaching client of Mike Ferry, Susan is a top listing agent and strong prospector. Her team structure and attention to detail allow Susan to provide excellent client service without losing focus on bringing in new business. To send Susan referrals in Naples, call 239-248-8000 or email

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