Pick Your Favorite Things, And We’ll Show You Your Perfect Home Bar

Get ready to knock back a tasty beverage in the type of spot that suits you best.


When it’s time to unwind, you reach for tropical fruits and fancy-faced mugs, then kick back and savor the island lifestyle. Bamboo, palms and string lights set the mood.


Learn how to build your bar.


You like your surroundings to be as elegant and sophisticated as you are, and your home bar is no exception. Hand-carved embellishments, intricate glasswork and marble counters will elevate your bar.


Learn how to build your bar.


When it comes to unwinding, it’s hard to beat the atmosphere of a historic British watering hole. Set your pint of ale on the rich wood bar and nestle into the plush velvet chairs of your own home pub.


Learn how to build your bar.


Fuss-free and sleek-lined, your home bar sets the scene for a low-key soiree. Think minimalist bar stools, unobtrusive recessed lighting and a neutral color palette.


Learn how to build your bar.

Pick the sandwich you’d most like to sink your teeth into.

Which chair would you pick to take a load off?

Which dog would be your best friend?

What would be in your ideal backyard?

Which outerwear are you most likely to reach for?

What would you turn your home’s spare room into (besides a bar)?

Pick your ultimate getaway car.

And, of course, pick your drink of choice.






Top image (and pub bar result image) from Zillow listing. Quiz opening image from Zillow listingQuiz images from Shutterstock, except: library image from Getty Images; tiki bar result from Zillow listing; swanky bar result from Zillow listing; and modern bar result from Zillow listing.


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