Raising a wall with Qual-Craft wall jacks

I raised the last wall today (25’1″) with the wall jacks, I would not consider doing this without the wind hooks after having one of the 2×4’s shatter on the 42 foot wall the other day, I think I may have exceeded the weight limit on the 2×4 as I did not see any signs of a bad stud although my father said he saw a knot at the break, I never looked at it that close, was just happy it didn’t damage the wall or us. I was using an already once used 2x4x16 from the first wall lift. I would suggest using new ones each time if you are going to lift extremely heavy walls as was this 2x6x9’9″ wall section adjacent to this one I raised today which is 42 foot long. I also used duct strap attached at the bottom of the plate and screwed about every 7 foot to the sub floor to prevent kick out, We did not let the wall get more than a couple inches higher than the other in elevation as we went up on the longer wall, this shorty I went much more. Definitely worth the money if you don’t have much help available….my father is 77 and was able to raise a 42′ section along side of me without even huffing or much effort other than moving the ladder and repositioning. The hardest part to doing this is the prep and raising it initially enough so that the jacks will fit underneath….a long crow bar, and some scrap wood will get it done….use the 2×4 or whatever for a fulcrum and get your wall about 10″ off the floor and you’re good to go, then its just a matter of what I do in this video.


Raising a wall with Qual-Craft wall jacks #buy #homes in the #USA #realestate


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