Real Estate Agent Marketing: How Adam Olsen Became the #1 Individual Listing Agent In His Market

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Success in real estate requires agents to show their relevant expertise and knowledge of the area and needs of the client. With so many people vying for the attention of your target market, how do you make yourself different and work towards dominating your area? This week, we discuss this with Adam Olsen, and learn about his approach to listing appointments, marketing listings online and working with builders.

Once you’ve put your marketing and numbers in place, all you have to do is pick up the phone and call the builder. – Adam Olsen

Takeaways + Tactics

Know your numbers and stats and SHOW them to homeowners and builders

Use targeted area-specific ads on Facebook to boost specific listings and success stories from clients

To dominate an area you must dominate social media and create the impression that you’re “everywhere”

At the start of the podcast, Adam gave us a background of his work, his team and active areas. His main market is Huntsville, one of the fastest growing cities in Texas. He attributes a huge amount of his success to the relationships he has nurtured with builders.

Next, we answered a question from the Lead Gen Scripts & Objections group about lowering commissions if the selling price is lowered, and then we discussed why it’s so important for agents to invest in professional photos and videos. Adam also went into detail about how he uses graphs, marketing information, social media engagement numbers and other insights to boost value in his listing appointments. Towards the end of the podcast, he shared his expertise on creating builder proposals and why you need backend research like history, target market, and what they build.

Don’t underestimate the importance of doing your homework before you show up to a listing appointment. Saying you’re good at what you do just isn’t good enough. If you want to a close the deal with a homeowner or builder, take the time to put your numbers, marketing insights and relevant graphs together to show the depth of your market knowledge. You’ll look much more relevant, informed and prepared for the job at hand.

Guest Bio

Adam Olsen is a real estate professional affiliated with RE/MAX The Woodlands & Spring. Adam’s extensive knowledge of living and working in rural areas as well as his passion for helping people have driven him to become a member of the #1 real estate company in the world as well as the #1 RE/MAX office in Texas. Go to for more info.

Click here to download your free PDF, Greg’s Favorite Scripts, featuring scripts for buyer and seller lead follow up, price reduction and objection handler scripts and much more.