Real Estate Agent Marketing: How To Do Epic S&%T & Raise Your Standards



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Jeff Latham joins us again to share his outlook on goals, mindset, shifting focus, pushing your limits and forcing the universe to bring you the positive things you want in life.

Takeaways + Tactics

Write your goals down multiple times a day

Don’t start working without knowing your ONE thing for that day

Surround yourself with people who possess the things you want – you’ll achieve those your goals faster by osmosis

If you want to take your business and your life to a new level, take Jeff’s advice. Start writing down your goals multiple times a day, get around people who already have what you want, and think big. Just those few changes will start to make a huge impact and Jeff’s life is proof that his advice works.

Show Highlights

4:19 How training for an Ironman competition is raising his energy and confidence levels and helping him be more effective in business
7:18 Two ways Jeff recommends a new agent get started: Open Houses and social media for free home value
12:05 How authenticity gives you clarity and power – when we’re not ourselves we’re out of alignment
18:50 The difference between someone who makes 50k a year versus a million
22:55 You get what you tolerate
28:20 Google Street View and how to use it to shoot 360 videos of your listings
31:30 Jeff’s morning routine
35:22 The strategy of thinking big and how it affects your mind and life events
39:00 Shifting your focus and how to stay focused on the positive aspects of everything in your life, from your home or your car to your relationship
45:10 Why surround yourself with the life, the fitness, the relationships, the hobbies, the faith and anything else that you want in your life – you’ll achieve those same results quicker through osmosis
51:00 Jeff’s goals and the advice he received from a half-billionaire to write your goals down multiple times every single day

Guest Bio

Jeff Latham is a mega producing agent and founder of Latham Realty Unlimited, a successful real estate brokerage selling over 200 units a year in Washington state. Jeff is also the co-founder of Latham Coaching Unlimited and The Freedom Evolution, which trains mega-producing agents and mortgage brokers how to develop the best version of themselves, increase their income and systematize their business while working fewer hours. To apply for Freedom Evolution Coaching, visit:

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