Real Estate Agent Marketing: How To Sell To Different DISC Profiles w/Minesh Baxi

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DISC profiles consist of four key traits – dominance, influencing, steadiness and compliance. When it comes to selling, these traits have to be learned in order to communicate with people in ways they will best respond to. How do you learn to make the best of your own profile and how do you modulate your own style to better sell to someone with a different profile? On this episode we discuss this with speaker and coach Minesh Baxi.

When you are around highly successful people they will push you because you want to be accepted by your peer group. -Minesh Baxi

Takeaways + Tactics

Massive action comes from the right goals, and massive action requires you to step outside your comfort zone.

People move in steps from Starving to Survival to Success to Significance

Two types of people react to big goals in two different ways – Some are energized by big goals, some are paralyzed by them.

Peer pressure is a great motivator because you want to be accepted by that peer group.

At the start of the show we discussed the transition sales people have to make to start running a business. According to Minesh, “they have to consider systems, while generating leads and prospecting and making sure the business is profitable.” Next, we discussed the traits that Minesh has noticed in successful people in terms of their DISC profiles. Minesh says they are usually high D’s and high I’s, impatient, results driven, ambitious, direct and people oriented. Additionally they like to talk and need a system and a team to get a job done because they can also be disorganized. Next, we discussed, how people can be more fulfilled and energized in their work. From his own perspective, Minesh said he finds fulfillment by, “making people feel special and coming from being a giver. If I can practice these principles all day I will be happier because i’m not looking for other people’s gratification, or other people’s opinions or fake standards I have set for myself.” We also discussed different approaches to goal setting, what pushes people to succeed as well as the differences between introverts and extroverts.

To successfully sell to people using DISC profiles, the first step is being aware of your own traits and personality. With that information you can observe the person and determine how to modulate your traits to ease the communication. By taking that massive action and taking into account what a client responds to, you can create massive success.

Guest Bio

Minesh is an author, speaker and business coach and founder of Stop Hiring Losers. Minesh Baxi does work he truly loves- inspiring people to take a fresh look at their own dreams, and to question the assumption that they cannot make them real. He is committed to encouraging people to believe in themselves, and stands as an energetic, enthusiastic & inspirational coach for individuals, businesses and organizations.

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