Real Estate Agent Marketing: Perceiving a Client’s Value and Setting Yourself Apart

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On this episode of Real Estate Uncensored, we answered questions from viewers and tackled subjects like presenting your marketing activities to clients, changing scripts when you farm the same area, how to give a client what they value and paying for premium leads.

Value that’s not perceived isn’t received and it’s important to understand what someone perceives as valuable. -Matt Johnson

Takeaways + Tactics

If you’re spending up to $200 per lead, your follow up has to be fast because you might lose that person.

Set yourself apart from every other agent out there by listing the things that you can do above and beyond the standard activities.

People value different things, and as the agent it is your role to pre-qualify these things so you can meet the requirements.

On this episode we discussed:

The impact of hand-written letters and other personal touches
Setting yourself apart from other agents when you present your services
Handlers for a client who wants to wait to sell until after the holidays
Advantages and disadvantages of premium leads on platforms like Zillow

Sometimes value is the feeling of you caring about the customer’s home. -Matt Johnson

Do the pre-work for the client. Know what the current market conditions are, and know the most likely buyer for their home. -Greg McDaniel

Most sellers don’t care how fancy your marketing is. They want to sell their house for the most amount of money, in the shortest period of time, at the least possible inconvenience. If you can provide this you will be a rockstar. That being said, remember that value is not the same for everyone. You’ll do your job well if you can learn what someone values and drive your skills towards helping them achieve that.

Click here to download your free PDF, Greg’s Favorite Scripts, featuring scripts for buyer and seller lead follow up, price reduction and objection handler scripts and much more.

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