Real Estate Agent Training: Door Knocking | How to Get Emails & Phone Numbers

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Real estate agent training : Learn scripts and dialogue to get contact information from people you meet while door-knocking. This is critical for real estate farming, because if you can’t get prospect’s correct contact information, you have no way to provide them continual value and keep yourself top of mind.

Here’s a simple script for this real estate door-knocking scenario:

Take your notepad, look down and say
“I’ve had a great time chatting with you, and I really appreciate your time. What’s you best email address, just in case?”

Don’t say anything more, just let that “just in case” hang there and then be silent.

Another script option for home value:

“We do a once-a-email drip on home values, just once a month, and I know you might be thinking about selling in a couple years, so this might be valuable for you. What’s your best email, just in case?”

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