Real Estate Door-Knocking Mastermind: with John Roehrig : Real Estate Uncensored Episode 008

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I did monetize every new person in my database, if I added 3 new people in a day of door-knocking to my network, that’s like giving myself a $2100 raise, every year forever, as long as I managed it.

[2:12] How John uses door-knocking to zero in on markets he wants to be in, limiting drive time and maximizing his average sale price
[6:15] How John went into a new farm in San Diego area and took over the neighborhood within a year
[8:30] Why John does his prospecting, both calls and doors between 8:45 and 10am, and the other great time slot he doesn’t worry about because of his family life
[11:20] John’s daily goal to add people into his database from door-knocking
[11:50] John’s script for getting contact info from people he meets door-knocking, and why he doesn’t make eye-contact when asking for email and phone #
[14:30] John’s shift from a cold prospector to focusing on building his database, and he’s built his database to the point where he now gets 1 piece of business for every 17 people in his database
[15:30] How John determined that every person added to his database is worth $700 a year, every year for as long as he manages it
[16:10] How many doors John hits per hour, contact percentages and solid conversations
[20:20] How John organically generates buyer leads from his reputation as a dominant agent in a farm area
[21:00] How John is taking his farming and follow-up systems into a new farm area right now
[24:00] Why John only has a one follow-up category – his database – and people either go into his database or they don’t, and everyone is communicated with in the same way
[27:30] How much John spends on communicating with his database using the KW 33-Touch system over the course of a year, and holds every dollar accountable