REPLAY: How to Hit the Ground Running - Aggressive Marketing & Prospecting For Millennial Agents

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Check out our latest episode where we interview Justin Moy, an agent just reaching one full year in the business, and see how he is aggressively prospecting for clients to grow his fledgling business.

Justin shared his daily schedule, including how he plans his prospecting, when he makes the bulk of his outbound calls, when he follows up and how he spends his afternoon flex time.

He also shared how he uses a simple spreadsheet to track metrics like list-to-sale price ratio (currently at a whopping 107% of list price) and his sale-to-list price on the buy side (currently at 98%) and how he uses those figures to his advantage in listing and buyer presentations.

Justin also outlined his journey of finding his ideal client, moving from first-time homebuyers to young homeowners/condo-owners to his current ideal clients, Expired and FSBO seller clients in their 30’s and 40’s. We discussed how Justin uses stats and research to overcome his youth and position himself as an expert to completely eliminate the objection of his age or length of time in the industry.

If you’re new to the business, this episode is a perfect place to start for actionable ideas and inspiration to hit the ground running and aggressively build your business!