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In the latest episode of Real Estate Uncensored we went in-depth on prospecting for NOW business, medium (6-12 months out) and long-term business (1-5 years out). We give high-tech and high-touch options that are working for our team and for top agents around the country.

We started by covering how to respond when a seller wants an off-the-cuff home value, such as when you’re talking to an Expired listing; you can download that response script here. Then we talked about how to make your Circle Prospecting calls stand out by offering the prospect some type of ‘inside information’ like a buyer or investor need. This is working very well in the Bay area where people are getting a ton of standard circle prospecting calls using standard scripts.

Then we talked about how to follow up with older leads like internet buyer leads and old Expired listings to find NOW business, and gave a specific script for approaching a top agent in your office to give you permission to work their old leads for business in exchange for a referral fee.

On the high-tech side we covered 3 places to find unique and valuable content for your follow up calls, how to use Canva to make custom Facebook cover photos with call-to-action links, how to use native video on Facebook to promote upcoming listings, market reports, open houses and other events.

On the high-touch side we covered strategies for using relationships and hobbies to generate long-term business, so you’re not starting over every month speaking to people who don’t know you. This was a content-packed episode, but as usual we have a lot of fun! Remember we have that script for handling a demand for an off-the-cuff home value, click here to download your free copy.

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Here are your three key takeaways:

Follow up is the key to prospecting
Make your Circle prospecting more effective for giving “inside information” like a real buyer or investor need
Use Canva and native video on Facebook to promote upcoming listings, buyer needs, market reports and events

And here’s what we covered with timestamps so you can jump to the section that most interests you:

[2:00] QUESTION: How to deal with the home value question you encounter when door knocking a luxury Expired listing
[8:55] Unique places to find pieces of valuable content you can bring on your follow up calls
[11:00] Whats working right now: Circle prospecting with ‘inside information’ and buyer/investor need
[14:45] Follow up with 5 people/wk of any kind – How Greg is generating NOW business w/follow up
[17:00] What’s working for top agents: Working 6-month old leads, internet buyer leads and old Expired’s, how to find old Expired’s through services like The Red X
[18:30] How to approach a top agent in your office to work their leads for business in exchange for a referral fee
[23:00] Tech Tip: How to use your Facebook cover photo and Canva to promote Open Houses, new listings, market reports, buyer needs and events right on your Facebook page
[27:15] How to use short native-upload videos to keep in touch with people through social media
[33:30] How to use Facebook native video to promote upcoming listings – HINT: the trick is to get in-depth on what’s exciting about the listing and tag everyone that might apply- the clients, your broker, other agents on your team, friends in the business who work with buyers in that area, lenders, etc.
[37:00] How to ask neighbors to shoot a quick video with you sharing what they love about the neighborhood. This type of video is amazing to show potential buyers as they walk through your Open House
[41:00] Idea- Shoot your video using Periscope or Meerkat first, save it to your phone, then upload it to Facebook and YouTube (separately) to take advantage of all phases of video – Live, native Facebook and long-term YouTube content where people can find you months or years from now – How to optimize your YouTube videos so they are easy to find.
[43:30] Time frame to close on internet buyer leads- Be prepared for 4-6 month turnaround from initial lead to closed deal
[46:15] High-touch ways to generate medium and long-term business – work with developers and builders, develop relationships with professionals in other industries who work with homeowners prior to them needing a Realtor
[49:00] Top agent idea- How Sasha Farmer develops relationships with local companies by offering concierge and city tour services for executives flying in for job interviews.
[52:30] How to turn hobbies into sources of long-term business