StandUP-America address the ‘PYRAMIDS’ our government officials build to make it look like we are doing good while we have 400,000 people living at or below 200% of poverty… how can we build Arenas while 10,000 people go homeless every night in King County? Pyramids are built by slaves and we are the slaves of these aristocrats! The time is to StandUP against these crooks!

In attendance: and Alex Zimerman

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Seattle – Housing and Human service committee – Stand UP America speech #buy #homes in the #USA #realestate

He who did not withhold or spare [even] His own Son but gave Him up for us all, will He not also with Him freely and graciously give us all [other] things? – Romans 8:32

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  • And, so I left and had to hitch back to Los Angeles because the local churches
    refused to buy me a $50 bus ticket back to Los Angeles even though my ID said
    "Santa Monica" on it. Yeah, real nice folks up dar in da North West. At least in
    LA they have "Job Club" where you get monthly bus money and some
    cash for personal needs but this all comes out of your SS money_and, the Super
    jew Aremenian Turks own the Social Services so you're still screwed but the
    weather is nicer! Space Needle? Please!

  • I left Seattle before the rains came__with my tail between my legs and licking my
    wounds from being kicked and stomped on by the Super jews! Looking at the Huge
    Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation makes you want to PUKE! Because, that was
    supposed to be part of Seattles "Central Park" Region but the Super jews stole
    all the money and all the land and put up business complexes and condos instead.
    Yup, Auroura Ave was supposed to be underground and that whole area South
    of the lake__Central Park!

  • I ended up sleeping under the highway, US 5 near the Super jew purple people eater college or in Union Park with the Canadian geese. I couldn't even get a blanket
    from the Mission! Downtown was all Super jew and they shit on me at the Compass Center and the Morrison low income Hotel and the Library is for Super jew Telepaths only!
    Free food near the downtown library under the bridge: Seattle Cares? Yeah, right!
    Super jew Boeing and MS own Seattle! Wake Up!

  • This is pure bullshit! I fled the streets of Los Angeles and traveled to Seattle hoping
    that my PhD and NASA experience would help me get a job at Boeing or MS after
    being homeless for over 10 years. When I got to Seattle I was shit on by the Super
    jews that invaded Seattle turning it into a Human Gentile Hell! The Space Needle is
    really the Super jew Mother Ship and is a warning to Human Gentiles. No housing,
    no advocacy, even Worksource shit on me__why? Because I'm a Human Gentile!

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