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I set out to create a domino screen link showing the many stunts from Domino Rally toy sets I’ve collected over the years. After a lot of time and effort to make these things work, this is the result!
Please give thumbs up after watching and let me know which scene/stunts you liked most.
Thanks for watching!


Music is from YouTube’s music library (“Busy Beat”).

Scene 1
Starts by spinning the Terrifying Tarantula and watching it move around the web.
The lead domino hits the empty cart, and sends it rolling down the rickety track and through the Phantom Mine.
The cart comes out the door the abandoned shack opens and drops a coffin for an extra eerie attractio.

Scene 2
A scary spirit keeps watch over the Creepy Castle door, the gate crashes down and four more spirits rise up to give a ghastly glowing greeting.
The spinning skeletons whirl on impact and set off dominoes anywhere in their reach.

Scene 3
The Ghastly Guillotine drops a plastic blade down and sends a “head” rolling down into the basket and into the next row of dominoes

Scene 4
Silence falls over the graveyard until a domino hits the tree stump. The Haunted Hangman jumps out of his grave.

Scene 5
A domino makes the elevator rise. Once it reaches the top of the tower it sends the skull down the slide.

Scene 6
Dominoes hit a lever that tilts the eerie eyeball holder, releases the eyeball and sends it slithering down the staircase.

Scene 7
Dominoes leading up to the Mad Scientist hit a lever which triggers the ooze. The dripping glob becomes his tongue which stretches until it hits the cauldron. (I had to speed this up!)

Scene 8
The dominoes tip the test tubes to make brains bubble over.

Scene 9
Action launchers send boulders flying into the Dino-Roar’s mouth. His large teeth chomp down as he roars and his danger-alerting eyes light up. When activated the tail shoots up and starts two more rows of dominoes tumbling.

Scene 10
Spinning robots.

Scene 11
The starbursts set off and the Helicopter propellers spin into action.

Scene 12
Marbles tumble down 5 Zig Zag levels.

Scene 13
A domino makes a complete 360 LOOP-THE-LOOP before it shoots out, hits the next domino and continues the action.

Scene 14
Several LOOP-THE-LOOPs in one scene.

Scene 15
Rocket Bases are triggered and activate a countdown 3-2-1 and lift-off. The styrofoam rockets soar in the air.

Scene 16
More rockets.

Scene 17
Spider’s legs kick out.

Scene 18
Big mountain launchers release the High Flying Hang Gliders.

Scene 19
Waves send the surfers up a full tilt track.

Scene 20
The mountain bike takes off, flies through the Canyon, then blasts through the “finish”.

Scene 21
The Starburts go into action, activating 5 rays of dominoes for an exciting starburst effect repeated many times in this scene.

Scene 22
A falling domino makes the Power Tower Elevator rise. Once the elevator reaches the top of each tower, it sends another domino swerving down the curve.

Scene 23
Power Tower Elevators send a muncher down the slide where he munches his way to the next line of dominoes.

Scene 24
A marble zooms along the special marble track leading up to the alley-oop drawbridge which lifts the marble high up and across the elevated track. It then enters the wide top of the giant whirl pool and spins round and round as it goes down and down.

Scene 25
One marble glides down the high end of each of the 4 Volcano Crossings, sending two other marbles in the opposite directions.

Scene 26
The Stunt Cycle races down the track. The monster wheels charges down the slide, over the dominoes lined up.

Scene 27
A weighted domino hits the launcher and sends planes up, up and away.

Scene 28
Dominoes go up over and down the bridges. (I later found another box of bridges I did not use in this scene!)

Scene 29
Marbles are released from the top of the marble mazes in a steady drop, drop, drop right into the next line of dominoes. These also can fall down like dominoes too!

Scene 30
It’s a triple threat stunt, as a domino activates a catapult that sends a boulder into the air, through the colorful Ring of Fire and into the Doorway to Doom

Scene 31
The action sound center creates “exciting and realistic stunt sounds”. It creates the boulder and Ring of Fire and Doorway to Doom sounds, and plane sounds for the Adventure set.

Scene 32
It’s a ring of planes!

Scene 33
Another layout of planes…

Scene 34
More planes…as each one crashes into the next continuing the chain reaction.

Scene 35
A final plane knocks down the Domino Rally boxes that have been stacked like dominoes for the grand finale.

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