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According to a Russian Foreign Intelligence non-classified report, reported on by Russia Today, a U.S. Admiral has been fired for questioning why the top Navy security and intelligence team was dispatched from Camp David to Dubai an what he termed an:
“… Obama house hunting mission.”
Apparently, President Obama is in the process of purchasing a $4.9 million dollar seaside villa in Dubai for his retirement. Reportedly a deposit was made on the property last week by the Podesta Group, a global public relations firm.
Interestingly, the purchase is being handled by the global law firm DLA Piper, said to be the representatives of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

On Friday, Jan. 8, Rear Admiral Rick Williams sent an email asking why the top US Navy security team was being tasked towards checking out the security implications of the new home.
Within 18 hours, Adm. Williams’ boss, Vice Admiral Nora Tyson – acting on direct orders from President Obama – fired Admiral Williams.
The justification?
“Loss of confidence in his ability to command [because of] allegations of misuse of government computer equipment.”
Suddenly, anonymous reports began to circulate in the U.S. that Adm. Williams had been viewing porn on his govt. computer.
Having worked in the Pentagon environment, I can state for a fact that this is impossible. These sites have been blocked on govt computers for years and anyone who tries it, gets the infamous red screen of death that can only be unfrozen by the Help Desk – a very embarrassing proposition.
In other words, this is a lie! It’s a flimsy cover story and just one more example of Obama’s ruthless cleansing of any military officer that dares to offend him.
I’m still reporting from Washington. Good Day.


Still Report #514 – Obama’s New House in Dubai #buy #homes in the #USA #realestate

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  • See MLordandGod utube site for info from HSBC investigation on Clinton 30K+ offshore companies since 1993, Bill's Presdency, a Billion + dollars.

  • Believe it if you want but don't put money on it.

  • hopefully he will never come back

  • Found this on Google.

    Still wonder if he's a muslim ?
    No doubts whatsoever!
    Born a Muslim.
    Raised a Muslim.
    Trained as a Muslim.
    Schooled as a Muslim.
    His Male lovers are Muslim.
    Loves the prayer call of Islam.
    Celebrates all the special days of Islam.
    Opened the White House only to Muslims.
    Welcomes only refugees who are Muslims.
    Opened the US borders to all Muslim Terrorist.
    Appointed administrative staff who are Muslim.
    Filled key Government Agency positions with Muslims
    Will retire to a high security Muslim Compound in Dubai.
    Purchased a multi-$ million seaside villa funded by Saudi Arabia.
    The list is endless!

  • I looked into it and he didn't buy the home I'm sure the reason for him not buying it is because ever one found out. But I still think the Navy went and checked out the house. Looking at porn on a navy computer is impossible the network is so tight (looking at you're own email need permission!!!)

    He was a high ranking officer why would he risk it? Some one could of framed him. He wasn't able to make a comment either makes you wounder.
    Shaun Garratt of Ocean View Real Estate, the agent on the
    house’s listing. He wouldn’t confirm or deny whether Barack Obama was
    interested in, or indeed purchasing, the house. As of jan 11th 2016 im sure they backed off from buying it.

  • I wonder if this is really true ??

  • Maybe he can just stay over there and live not so happily ever after and not darken our shores again.. -for any reason… Adios. !

  • Maybe he is moving because Michelle is no longer proud to be an American and wants out, now that her bank account is full?

  • Gee, why didn't he do that 8 years ago?!

  • Fraudulent Obama should be Impeached!, Prosecuted! Charged with Abuse of his Title and Authority!. Gross defamation of integrity, character, slander, of an Admiral and other Generals in the past United States Army, Air Force, of The United States Navy!. The worst President in America's history!!! No other President in history before Obama fired it's head brass!, Generals! Trojan Horse acting as if "Commander and Chief"! He is not my King! Will NOT follow! No trust! No confidence in this Glorified Con Artist! in a suit! Nothing more than a Thug! In a suit! Not to mention Aiding and Abetting all our enemies. Compromising all our boarders. Treason, Fraud, Murder, Traitor, War Crimes, Crimes Against Humanity, etc. etc. Future PRESIDENT Donald Trump should not forgive Obama, have all his records unsealed, properly investigated immediately, and prosecute . The American people demands JUSTICE! He inspired arab spring, Caused the invasion of U.K., Europe. Soon invasion of the United States!, funded and armed Al Qaeda, Isis. Isis is a proxy army. Is arming "moderate rebels", no such thing as "moderate"!!! Obama is arming Islam, Middle East! Using the American tax payer, Federal Reserve loans making us indebted, obligated. While taking guns and our rights to protect our selves, the American Citizens, not free. Obama is responsible!!!, Accountable!!! The law does not protect a 'PATSY'! No one should be above the LAW! Over 240,000 Syrian Civilians have been killed!!!, children, the old, sick, women, civilians. Rapped, burned, decapitated! Christian Churches burned! Preachers killed!, their heads decapitated! Heads placed on a stick, for the world to see!!! Obama and Administration has been aiding and abetting, putting them on a pay roll, built them bases, gave them heavy weapons, anti-tank, anti-aircraft weapons, training, equipment…before Congress approval. TREASON! and all that knew and followed without question!. Traitors!. GENOCIDE! MURDER! CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY!!!

  • Meanwhile lots of porn addicts in this regime have been viewing porn, it's been documented, not to mention the drunks and johns in the Sec Serv and the rest of the coke heads, folks thse are all 60s and 70s radicals in this regime, not to mention homsexuals who have drug fueled trysts.

  • Although I am an anti-Obama pundit, I can't let this one continue. This story was/is based upon a hoax website "The EU Times" and it' made-up 'reporter' "Sorcha Faal." It's amazing how many people still get sucked in by these disinformation operatives.

  • I have been told that after he retires, Obama has agreed to no longer take Air Force One to Dubai. Yeah, it's a Muslim country alright, but the further he is from the United States the better, assuming Obama can't use Air Force One. I said that, not Obama. I never want to see his smiling mug on television again. And I sure don't want to see him hanging around the White House sucking all the oxygen out of the place.waiting for a FREE ride on Air Force One. Obama got enough perks to last him and his fat wife a lifetime.

  • Obama has at least 3 homes out of America = his plan no doubt to escape the punishments coming to him here for his over 75 documented Teasons…. . but I don't think that is the home shown. He plans on taking off with OUR money and live like a king.
    Treason has only one penalty – public hanging.

    He is not done however , after his destructive stint here, he is planning on being the OWG ruler from the UN. He has had an UNlawful seat at the UN for over 2 years. Another Treason not on his Treason list – that no sitting US President is allowed to have a membership ore seat in any Foreign entity.
    About 5 years ago in an interview Kissinger stated =

    "Obama is primed to become the New World leader." ….Henry Kissinger

    Most all Presidents begin with a Treason since most all of them are members of the Foreign entity of the CFR = Council on FOREIGN Relations. That makes almost every one of them unlawful as President. That makes everything they did null and void !



  • But you can fix a "red screen of death" by just rebooting the compter.

  • "4.9 million? He only makes 400 grand a year?????"" right on John ,this guy should be arrested for several reasons ,like his predecessors ,there criminals end of story !

  • he is Muslim where the hell have you been ?

  • Bill, I think you and snopes have another issue. They says this story is FALSE.

  • I hope he does move to Dubai, then we don't have to waste money protecting him, he is not a real American anyways.

  • Apparently it's a non-extradition country to USA? Is Obama planning to flee the country?

  • Big people have dirt on everyone and they'll pull it out at their convenience.

  • Besides wanting to live among his own kind (how racist is that?!?!?!), this also shows he destroyed America deliberately.  Destroy it, then move to Dubai.  Isn't that what all presidents do?  Or maybe he figures in another year, Dubai will BE the capitol of the USA.

  • Michelle Obama is infamous for saying "for the first time I'm proud to be American."  Well, thanks to the Obamas, most of us are now, for the first time, ashamed.

  • don't they stone homosexuals??? hmmmm!

  • Now that he's irreparably destroyed America as we've known it, Obama is bailing out. But he's still screwing over people on the way out the door.

  • well said. i hope all who read this looking for another truth nugget to explain away this jibberish, go to blog talk radio. search the tea party power hour, then search 5 of obamas family members and listen. it's under an hour.

  • I'm sure that's just one residence among many.

  • 4.9 million? He only makes 400 grand a year?????

  • This is absurd. Obama is a tyrant.

  • why would he pick a Muslim nation..knowing he is gay and what they do to gay people on that side of the world

  • King Barry has completed his assignment which was to push the US over the abyss. Now he is given the reward for his obedience to his masters who are muslim. A safe place to live among his brethren. Simple.Not complicated.

  • According to your memo#250 your commander in chief makes attempts to become the next UN secretary general. That means a lot of air traffic lies ahead if he moves to Dubai, he better doesn't cross the turkish border line, ppl get hurt there 😉

  • Obama wishes to retire to country that has tenuous extradition treaties with the United States just"IN CASE" they do bring charges against him at a later date!Coupled with the FACT that he is a Muslim and wishes to retire to a country of like minded individuals.

  • That is a bit far to go to work every morning if he acquires that dream job of Secretary General of the United Nations (which won't happen)
    On a positive note, yet one more wake-up call for the remaining U.S. Generals who are patriotic Americans.

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