Josh Sigurdson talks with author and economic analyst John Sneisen about the vast amount of students defaulting on their student debt and why G. Edward Griffin’s Red Pill University will change the game.
For years, kids with high hopes have flooded into the university and college system where they get a massive loan with a ridiculous level of interest, enter some arts and humanities course, or perhaps women’s studies only to be propagandized and indoctrinated by a Marxist professor who teaches them to hate everyone different than them under the guise of being a “social justice warrior.” They then leave college/university and find themselves without a job, depending on their parents, hopes and dreams shattered and up to their necks in debt for many years to come. THIS is the reality of the university and college system and it’s an absolute joke.

Outstanding student debt in the United States sits at 1.5 TRILLION DOLLARS!

Now many will say the government should pay for this. However, the government’s already incredibly involved and one of the main reasons the costs are so high. The more the government’s involved the less competition flourishes, the more dependent the system becomes and the more inflated the prices become. The more government (or the taxpayer) pays, the more the price goes up. It’s the same thing as the healthcare system.

So the solution isn’t taxpayers paying off 1.5 trillion dollars worth of debt which is insane to even consider, the solution is quite simple… Stay away from university and college. Stay out of school. Educate yourself. Be responsible. The college and university system is built today in order to indoctrinate you into dependence and to destroy responsibility which is integral to liberty and freedom.

G. Edward Griffin founded The Red Pill University following the 2017 Red Pill Expo in Bozeman, Montana. The Red Pill University sets out to give individuals the red pill in all areas of life. From finance and markets to health and schooling. Then there’s farming, media, activism, culture and conspiracy.

The Red Pill University is so incredibly important because it ACTUALLY educates individuals from all walks of life and the fact of the matter is, everyone knows there’s something wrong. To understand what is exactly wrong is to educate yourself enough to be the change you wish to see in the world. This has a lasting impact.

Faculty include Mr. Griffin, Lord Monckton, Alex Newman, Holly Swanson, James Corbett, Joel Salatin and the list goes on. We at WAM are proud faculty ourselves!

You can find the Red Pill University at

Stay tuned for more from WAM!

Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Josh Sigurdson
John Thore Stub Sneisen

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Students Are Defaulting On Their Debt In RECORD Numbers! – Why This Is A GIANT SCAM! #buy #homes in the #USA #realestate

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  • All of that student debt and what did they learn??? CULTURAL MARXISM!!! DISGUSTING!!!!

  • ok thats it school now need to teach money mangement it my make school longer but in the furture it will help them big time

  • The Federal Reserve wonder why the lack of inflation is such a mystery. It's because so many are in debt and wages aren't growing.

  • tuitions have gone way up as a result of student loans, that's where the schools are scamming students. They know they can jack the prices up when students essentially aren't paying with their own money. Sadly they actually are, but when it's a loan you're not as critical of the fee(s) as you normally would be.

  • A professor once told me everything you want to learn you can do on internet without higher education

  • The only thing people should be allowed to get student loans for is the trades.

  • the university system is a leftwing system and so no wonder they arent paying anything back the scrounging @unts!

  • +World Alternative Media I'm really glad that I was shown to your guys youtube channel. You guys really seem to know your history and that is a breath of fresh air.

  • Student loan money goes to the school sports programs that you pay for the rest of you lives GO NFL!

  • Enough stop paying, the student loan system is halted one spring, and it is back to paying cash for college. For my masters, they said, how you gonna pay? I said, by writing checks.

  • I defaulted in 2010. Since then they have confiscated my tax returns every year, wich goes to pay my debt down. I will have it paid off by 2023 without ever making a single payment. Problem solving itself.

  • The moment they started charging rather than being free education, it went downhill.
    I took a 1 year course in UK to become a lab technician. I was 27 at the time (just wanted a career change). Since I was working, the course would cost 2500 pounds. Free if you were unemployed. So I deliberately made myself unemployed for the duration of the course so I could do it for free.
    All the teachers sucked. They all were bored, and didn't seem like they wanted to be there. Except a few practical experiments, everything was power point presentations and researching online and just writing definitions of what things were and how they worked. No exams. You couldn't fail either. Because if you did the coursework wrong, they teacher would sit with you and go over the work as many times as needed to ensure you got a pass.
    Being the oldest in my class at the time (and remembering my good old days at school), I was shocked at the fact that one could simply just 'pass', not matter how incompetent, not matter if you didn't learn anything.
    But basically you bought a diploma because you went to class.
    Before (and after), i've learnt a lot more from websites like khan academy and alison.

  • End student debt, and end credentialism in colleges:
    A LOT of costly, useless college programs would be cleared out with just ONE simple change.
    Let employers conduct IQ and other tests to choose hires for non-professional, entry level jobs.
    Its time to separate the Wheat from the Diversity™

  • It was planed this way to get the young deep in debt so the elites can rule over them, didn't you hear what Carlin said "It's a club for the elites and your are not in it"  and to his audience  they got you by the balls, all they want is "Useful idiots"

  • I already defaulted to the tone of 30,000 GBP and that was in 2010 and that was engineering and science.

  • Student loan bankruptcy:

    1. Just like a regular bankruptcy except you have to wait 7 years from the time the debt first became "due, payable and owing" which, when added to the typical 9 month grace period when you finish school, = 7 years and 9 months since the last time you attended school.

    2. You can file for bankruptcy any time when you can show an "hardship" which generally means something like a catastrophic injury that renders you unable to work or paying on the loan would deprive your children of regular meals if you are the sole provider for your family or similar "heart string" pulling reasons. You basically have to be completely destitute, living on the street, unable to find any work, completely handicapped and your children are starving to death and then the court might grant a "hardship" student loan bankruptcy if the court finds that there is absolutely no possibility that your circumstances might turn around in the future.

    I successfully litigated 2 different student loan bankruptcies in 1996 and 2008 in the US Bankruptcy Court for the Western District of Washington so the law may have changed since then.

  • Whats wrong with a well educated glass collector ? ?

  • Millennials, "Ripple XRP" has way more bang for your buck! If you want to pay off your student loan or get your own place..Then at $8000+ a pop, Bitcoin is just too risky …you could loose it all overnight…buy RIPPLE XRP!

  • Or you get a degree and the economy tanks, now no one is hiring for your degree (respiratory care). No problem get another degree, (RN) now you loathe your job, are crushed with debt, and fantasize about having a car accident on way to work. Lol, not even kidding. Best part is giving a "service survey" to mental patients leaving the psych ER for admission to a floor, or discharged to home. WTF is wrong with our society.

  • You cannot default on student debt unless you want to spend your life worth nothing and earning nothing as an economic zombie. Or you have to leave.

  • Another great video brothers, take heed everyone.

  • Red Pill Winnipeg? Do you have more info?

  • US Education does not teach money or debt. Technology changes but human nature not so much
    70% of big lottery winners go bankrupt in 5 years, means 70% remain un-concerned about money

  • School is optional to get whatever you would like to learn but never think can get a job with whenever you finished it eh..

  • i defaulted in 2008 and told them to come and get me

  • By paying off household debts you are giving back the people financial freedom and then they will be able to be consumers, which if the lifeblood of the economy.

  • If the government really wanted to turn the coming financial apocalypse, all they need to do is pay off all households debts, which will pay the banks back (rather then "bailouts", other word given free money to friends). And create a stricker systems to borrow money.

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