We took a bus tour up in the hills of the ritzy area of Ironshore in Montego Bay. Darn, we wish we had money to afford a piece of the land to nestle among these gorgeous homes and bountiful trees!


The Beautiful Homes and Villas of Ironshore-Montego Bay, JAMAICA #buy #homes in the #USA #realestate

Give, and it will be given to you: good measure, pressed down, shaken together, and running over will be put into your bosom. For with the same measure that you use, it will be measured back to you. – Luke 6:38


  • I lived in the area for years as a child, second right after police station, and I am Jamaican /Canadian

  • just looking @the beauty of my island and yes a lot of these beautiful homes are owed not montage by bank thank you.

  • Most of these homes are owned by Jamaicans who live and work in the island.

  • so you only thinks those houses are own by just layers & doctors, umm I have to laugh. FYI all kinds of people owns homes in ironshore,when you live in Jamaica you would know what goes on in jamaica,teacher,lawyers,doctors, tour drivers,business owners,employees & so on,most of these owner not just got house & land now,they got it from way back in the days,some of these owners are away abroad sending money to build their home & some simply leave their homes to families meanwhile they are away trying to make a dollar, yes it happens, jamaicans do what they have to do.the main dream for a jamaican is to have a big hous & fancy car,that's their dream

  • y people thinks that Jamaican houses are shacks , cause its an island,,,,these houses is under $400,thousand American dollars

  • Well I just came back from ironshore n most of the homes are owned by doctors and lawyers. Very nice n affordable

  • way to go dont mortgage abroad just build a big house design it with tenants in mind(pension) and come back n live happily ever after

  • The lady asked if the homes are owned by Jamaicans. Why do Americans always ask the dumbest questions? And, how would the tour guide know who owns the houses? Did she ever hear about wealthy people in a country, even if the country is not economically well off as America? I would want to imagine that Jamaica is going to have very rich areas and very poor areas like most countries. I am sure she was expecting to see only thatched houses. It is unfathomable to think that Americans do ask us Jamaicans if we live on the beaches in thatched houses. How brilliant of all of you! The houses in New York, for example, are pale in comparison to the houses in Jamaica/the Caribbean for that matter. Ironshore houses are not eveb a match to some residential areas in Kingston and St Andrew and Mandeville. She would have gasped if she sees those houses.

  • "Are these JAMAICAN owners of these villas?" -_____- Shame of her for even thinking to ask that question.

  • @ Kathy B your correct abt the crime its just too much, I suggest the country have seperate laws in each parishes just like America each state has its own laws crime would go down ,

  • The tour of Ironshore had too much noise background  music could hardly hear what the tour guide was saying not proffesional at all

  • My little neighborhood, I just love it….

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