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Top 10 Amazing No-Kill Animal Shelters in the United States,
We love our companion animals, and so many of us are now finding our new best friends through adoption at a shelter.

1, Austin Pets Alive, Texas,

Uses years of data to find a solution to Austin’s shelter euthanasia rate.

2, City of Animal Care & Services, San Jose, California,

Utilizing a program known as Feral Freedom, a trap neuter return program.

3, Multnomah County Animal Services, Portland, Oregon,

Their save rate for dogs is now over 90%.

4, Metro Denver Shelter Alliance, Colorado,

Has 25 different shelters dedicated to reducing euthanasia rates.

5, Richmond SPCA, Virginia,

Began their successful no kill shelter in 2002.

6, Tompkins Country SPCA, New York,

Registered as the nation’s first “green” animal shelter.

7, Nevada Humane Society,

Their save rate in 2014 was an impressive 98 percent.

8, Dane County Humane Society, Wisconsin,

They guarantee that all healthy cats and dogs will find new homes.

9, Arizona Animal Welfare League,

A leader in innovative behavior training, and community outreach programs.

10, Best Friends Animal Society, Utah,

Probably the most well known shelter in the no-kill movement.

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