The purchase of a home is a very important decision. It will probably the largest purchase you make in your life, Yet people neglect to take to the time to understand the process, costs, and legalities when purchasing a home. After 15 years of working in real estate and countless of home buyers that we have worked with over the years below is a list of reasons why you should meet with us:

1) ITS FREE – Thats right its costs you nothing to sit down with us and learn the buying process and the costs involved.

2) SPECIAL FINANCING – We have exclusive financing methods for our buyers that other agents cant offer. We GUARANTEE
that we will get banks fighting for your business getting you “Better than the bank” interest rates.

3) SAVINGS – Based on our past record we have been able to save our buyers on average $6,545 – $10,250 on the purchase
of their home

4) ACCESS TO ALL AVAILABLE LISTINGS – More and more people are using the internet to do their home searches but what people don’t realize that the public websites are outdated by up to 3 weeks. We will give you access to up to date listings within your home buying criteria.

5) SATISFACTION GUARANTEED – If you ever feel you DO NOT want to work with us you can fire us at anytime. Infact the first day we meet you we put in in writing.

6) HOME BUYERS VIDEO LIBRARY – We know from experience the more information you have, the easier the home buying process will be. This is why we have over 50 videos (Just for buyers) you can access at anytime as many times you like.



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