Answering the most common question in real estate, “How’s the Market?” We have had some big changes, how are the changes affecting real estate on the front lines.


Toronto Real Estate Market update Nov 3, 2017 #buy #RealEstate in #Canada

‘For I know the plans I have for you,’ declares the Lord, ‘plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.’ – Jeremiah 29:11


  • Sound advice for both buyers and sellers while giving honest feedback concerning the effect of the upcoming stress tests. This is the exact expertise those making transactions in the market need to hear, understand and adapt to in order to make the best possible decision.

  • Not sure if I heard correctly.. I think if you get pre-approved now it expires Dec 31. Come Jan 1st you have to start the process over.

    What's your take on housing prices after Jan 1st?
    Ie) your clients as example; If they were ok at 1.3M. Then Jan hits and 1M only can get… Will those homes currently at 1.3M stay at 1.3M or do you think inventory will climb as less buyers are abke to buy the higher priced homes or move up buyers can't either.. will it start to push downward on affordability for those 1.3M homes and they will reduce to the 1.1M to be able to sell?

    I hope people delist their homes..and inventory goes back to 1 month range..
    But I have a bad feeling inventory will climb and people will just panic and keep reducing to sell.

  • Thank you for your videos.  They are extremely informative and helpful to me and my endeavors. I recently closed on a pre-construction condo in Toronto so, thankfully, I will not be affected by the Jan 1 "stress test" rules for that property.  However, GTA real estate has been an investors dream for at least 20 years, or so.  What is your advice on purchasing and mortgaging a rental investment property?

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