I’ve uploaded all the latest stats for the Vancouver real estate market on my website. I’ve put out 3 monthly reports, one covers the detached market, the condo/townhouse market, and one is specifically just for the Vancouver condo market. Links to all of those are below!

Vancouver Real Estate Detached Market Report April 2017: http://vancitycondoguide.com/vancouver-real-estate-detached-market-report-april-2017/

Vancouver Real Estate Condo & Townhouse Report April 2017: http://vancitycondoguide.com/vancouver-real-estate-condo-townhouse-report-april-2017/

Vancouver Condo Report April 2017: http://vancitycondoguide.com/vancouver-condo-report-april-2017/


Vancouver Real Estate Market Update April 2017 #buy #RealEstate in #Canada