Have you heard the news? Well, in
case you missed it, the CENTURY 21® brand has recently launched a new podcast
called The Relentless.

This podcast is on a mission to
team up with thought leaders across industries to explore the ways we can
answer one (seemingly) simple question: what makes a salesperson extraordinary?

Hosted by Dr. Julie Gurner, we are
excited to create a platform where entrepreneurs can learn from inspiring
trailblazers as they discuss topics on how they embrace change, overcome
hurdles, and of course, how these innovative leaders remain relentless.

Meet our host, Dr. Julie

Dr. Gurner has spent a great deal of her professional career
studying the behaviors of what she calls, “the ultra-successful” and she
applies what she learns to empower clients to elevate their business growth and
opportunity. With an extensive background in psychology she is “obsessed with
how the brain directs human achievement.”

Julie is no stranger to real
estate, she was a Senior Editor, Sales Strategy and Insights at theclose.com,
which is a real estate site for established agents to take their business to
the next level. Her thoughts have also been featured in TIME, Forbes ®, NBC
News, and Vice.

Julie’s connection to and understanding of the mind and
behavior of successful people is what makes her perfectfor The Relentless. Her expertise
allows her to tie the success of people to the way they think which will make each
episode impactful and empowering.

More about The
Relentless podcast

Each episode of The
will focus on a different pillar that is essential to a
salesperson’s success.

Whether you work in real estate or
are simply interested in what it takes to take your skills as a salesperson to
the next level, you will leave each episode entertained, informed, and

Visit The
Relentless website
and join the conversation.

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