TOP 5 DIY Home Hacks to Save Time & Money

– What’s up guys? My name’s Aaron Massey, and today I’m here to talk to you about my top five home improvement hacks. So, when we talk about home improvement, there are two things that are really valuable. Time, and money, These five things that you can do around the house that save you either one, or the other, or possibly both. So, let’s jump right in. The average home uses 45% percent of its water in the bathroom, with 27% coming from the toilet alone. Even water-wise toilets can still use up to gallons per flush, so here’s a water saving tip. Fill up a one liter bottle with water, and place it inside the back of the tank. The tank will need about one less liter to fill up each time, saving you around one liter per flush. It may not seem like that much initially, but it will add up over time. It doesn’t even have to be a bottle, it can be anything that fits inside the

tank, and takes up a significant amount of volume, but doesn’t interfere with the toilet’s ability to flush, and obviously leaves you enough water that you can still flush, in effect.

If you have to flush the toilet multiple times just to get something to go down, obviously, that’s not saving you water. Another water saving tip, is to use a greywater bucket in the shower. Now, it’s not glamorous, but capturing the runoff from your shower, and using it to irrigate your plants around the home, can add up to substantial savings overtime. So, let’s say you need to mark a circle of a certain size, but you don’t have a compass. You could rummage around your house for a jar, or something that’s the right size, but ain’t nobody got time for that. Instead, grab

your speed square, most speed squares have a little notch in the corner, that allows you to make a quick and easy circle. Place the finish nail as your center point, and then place the notch of the speed square around it. Let’s say you need to mark a four inch diameter hole. Using a pencil at two inch mark for your radius, hold it carefully against the square, and spin the square around the center point, and boom, just like that, the circle is done.

Here’s another handy tip for your speed square. Let’s say you’re working around your house, and you either don’t own a chop saw, or you don’t have one nearby, and you need to cut square cuts on your

lumber, so everything lines up. Use a speed square to act as a saw guide, so you can cut a perfectly square 90 degree angle, every time. There are few things more frustrating than working on something, and the screw keeps falling off the screwdriver. Now, you could go spend a bunch of money to get a new magnetic screwdriver set, or you could just magnetize the one that you have. Grab the screwdriver, and a magnet. I’m using the magnet on the bottom of this magnetic parts tray. Drag the screwdriver over the magnet in one direction, rotating the screwdriver a little bit with each pass.

Now, you’ve got your self a magnetized screwdriver, that will hold on to that troublesome screw, and now you can also use it as a magnet to pick up small metal objects in hard to reach places. Extension cords are essential for any home improvement project around the house, but if you’ve been wrapping and storing them like this,

you’re doing it wrong, and you’re shortening the life of your extension cord. Not only that, but you’re probably regularly having to untangle the cord as well. Here’s how you should wrap and store them. It’s called the over/under technique, and it’ll save you a headache, next time you go to use it, and also save you money, by extending the life of the cord. With this technique, the cord lies nice and flat on the ground, and can easily unravel when you need to, without getting tangled.

I recommend typing a piece of string around the female end of the cord, that way you can keep the cord tied together, and it stores nicely. In addition, when using your extension cord with power tools, tie a knot in the cord to keep it from coming unplugged. It’ll keep the tension of the cord at the knot, and keep the prongs from being bent, if you’re moving it around. Let’s say you want to hang something on a wall, but you don’t know were a stud is. You could try the old knock-knock

technique, and try and figure out where it is that way, or you could measure every 16 inches from a corner to try and layout the studs that way, or you could buy one of these stud finders, which, depending on how much money you spend on it, could be hit or miss anyway. But, did you know you could also find a wall stud by using a refrigerator magnet? Grab a magnet off the fridge, and use a piece of painter’s tape, and make a little handle for it.

Drag it across the area of the wall, you want to hang your picture or shelf, and the magnet will find the metal fasteners used to attach the drywall or plasterboard to the wall. Once you find a fastener, you can use a level to mark a vertical line, if you need to install something lengthwise. If you don’t have a level, you could always use a piece of string, with a little bit of weight on it, attached to the magnet, and that’ll give you a vertical line. To mark the next stud over, mark your first position, and then use your magnet to find the next stud. Use a level to connect the two if need be. So, there you have it. Hopefully, these five tips will save you time, money, or help you out with your next home improvement project. If you liked this video, please hit that like button, and leave a comment down below, and let me know. Be sure to subscribe for more content, and for more home improvement hacks and projects, visit my blog at

Thank you guys so much for watching. I’ll see you next time. Hey guys, my name’s Aaron Massey, and today I’m gonna be building a cold brew coffee tower. (upbeat music) .

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25 SMART Home Improvement Tips You Need to Know

So, you’re ready to do some home improvement but don’t know where to start? Well, rest easy because we’ve got some great tips and tricks for you. Whether you’re selling your house or want to spruce it up and make a warm environment for you and your family, home improvement doesn’t always have to cost you an arm and a leg. Best of all, you can do most of it

yourself. From weekend home improvement projects to best home improvements to increase value, there are plenty of things to improve your home. But, before you hop in, you’ll want to keep some things in mind. So, get out your toolbox, cause I’m Al with Tool-Time…I mean Mike with List25 and here are 25 Smart Home Improvement Tips You Need to Know. 25. Being zealous to take on any project, it can be easy to forget basic safety. Sometimes you might try to cut corners to save some money to the detriment of your safety. But, no matter what, always wear the

appropriate equipment whether it be eyewear, gloves, foot protection, or something else. 24. 300 people die from falling off ladders each year and 164,000 people end up in the emergency room.

On top of that, the United States is the world leader in ladder deaths. So, buy a strong, sturdy ladder, and follow appropriate safety guidelines. 23. Hanging pictures is the most frustrating task when decorating your new home. While there are numerous gimmicky tools to help you solve this problem, all you need is some blue painters tape. Stretch the tape from one hole to the other and then place the tape on the wall where you want the picture to be. Hammer in the nails at each end of the tape. 22. Whenever doing any project, always remember to measure thrice (that’s 3 times) and cut once.

Be meticulous, take your time, and be sure what you’re doing is exact. Otherwise, you might make more work for yourself down the road. 21. If you’re a homeowner, no one has to tell you energy is expensive. It can suck the money right out of your wallet. A top priority should be finding the energy holes in your house and fixing them. It could be as easy as replacing your light bulbs to LEDs, upgrading your appliances, getting a smart

thermostat, or installing better insulation. 20. Speaking of saving on energy, you should shut your closet doors regularly. Yes, it might sound ridiculous, but it’s true. Making sure your closet doors are shut insulates your house and saves on energy. 19. Ditch the cheap tools you got for Christmas or those old tools you’ve been using since college and go invest in some quality tools that you can use for years. It shouldn’t have to be said, but having good tools will make your job much easier.

18. If you want to keep your house fresh and clean, save some money, and stay healthier, then make your own cleaning solutions. There are plenty of easy recipes online without the harsh chemicals of store-bought cleaners. 17. Let’s face it, most people

forget to replace the furnace filter. A clogged up filter will put extra strain on the blower, making it work harder and potentially wrecking your furnace in the process. Set a reminder on your calendar to replace the filter regularly. Depending on the filter, you might have to replace it once a month or once every three months. Regardless, make sure to replace it. 16. Usually, a hot water heater is set at 140 degrees Fahrenheit, but it doesn’t need to be that scalding hot. The U.S. Department of Energy recommends putting it down to 120 degrees, instead. 15. If you’re looking to sell your house, it goes without saying you’ll want to spruce up the property. However, it doesn’t make sense to put money into projects that won’t give you much of a return. Once you’ve figured out what those are for you, prioritize them by value and start checking them off the list once completed.

14. Maybe you want to upgrade your kitchen but don’t have the money. An easy and quick way to give your kitchen a tiny spruce is to update the cabinet pulls in your kitchen. You can do it yourself, and it won’t break the bank. 13.

Depending on the age of your faucets, you might need to replace them. Whether hard water has damaged them, or they’re not cosmetically appealing anymore, replacing a faucet is easy and fairly inexpensive. 12. If you have kids, or if you’re honest with yourself and know you stay in the shower too long, installing a shower timer might be just what you need. It’s easy and will help you reduce the amount of water you use.

11. It might sound strange, but replacing your garage door can give you one of the highest returns on investment, approximately percent. If you get a little better-looking door than you already have, it’ll greatly improve your house, make it sell faster, and for more. 10. While you’re replacing doors, you’ll want to turn to your front door next. Upgrade to a steel entry door, and you’ll likely see a 1percent return on investment. 9.

Outside lighting fixtures near your entryways and garage can look pretty worn and rusty over time. If yours look like they need to be replaced, there’s no easier way to give your house good curb appeal than replacing them. 8. Everyone loves popcorn, but today, unfortunately, no one loves popcorn ceilings. They scream outdated. The bad news is this isn’t an easy process and requires many steps and patience to see it through, including asbestos testing if your house was built before the 80’s. 7. Painting the interior trim is no small feat, but if your house has an outdated trim, giving it a modern and updated look will certainly improve the quality of the home.

Unfortunately, this will require patience and plenty of research. Use the wrong brushes or rush the project and you might do more harm than good. 6. Some home improvement projects can easily be done by a novice repairman. Do a little research, maybe ask a friend to give you a hand, and get the task done. Others, however, are much more difficult and should not be done by an unskilled professional. Know when to call a contractor or professional when a job seems like too much. It’ll give you peace of mind knowing it was done right. 5. If you want to sell your house, putting up a neutral coat of paint will help make your house look new, clean, and fresh.

Or, if you’re sticking around, putting up some color will

certainly make you feel more at home. You’ll be simply amazed at what a change it will make! 4. Who said you needed a large home office? If you’re looking for a home office, but you’re tight on space, you can convert your closet into one. 3. Solar energy has become the new thing to do. Installing solar panels will save you money in the long run on energy costs, and if you do it before 12/31/2019, the U.S. government will give you a 30% tax credit. 2. Not all landscaping has to be done by a professional. Whether you want to add a stone path, do a little gardening, or just improve the look of your lawn, a little bit of work on the outside of your house can go a long way.

1. If you haven’t’ replaced your shower head in a while, it might be time to replace it, especially if you have hard water. Hard residue and scum can build up over time, reducing the water pressure. Fortunately, replacing a shower head is cheap, easy, and will greatly improve your showers. So, do you have any home improvement tips we may have missed? Let us know in the comments below, or tweet your answer to us @List25.

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